Qatar Airways Cargo unveils new 'Moved by People' livery

Freighter to serve as company envoy for WeQare initiative's Chapter 4 'Diversity', to deliver message across airline's global network.

Qatar Airways Cargo unveils new Moved by People livery

The word 'People' on the livery mentions the names of 2,873 diverse colleagues to whom Qatar Airways Cargo has dedicated Chapter 4 of its 'WeQare' initiative. 

On June 29, 2022, a one-of-a-kind Boeing 777 freighter took to the skies from Toulouse and arrived via Oslo at Qatar Airways Cargo's hub in Doha the next day, bearing a clear message for all staff, partners, and customers: it is thanks to its highly diverse group of employees, united in their dedication and professionalism, that Qatar Airways Cargo is the world's number one cargo airline, today.

In Qatar Airways Cargo's own words: "The world's leading cargo airline is truly Moved by People."

The aircraft flew to Toulouse for its bespoke decoration earlier this month and now sports a striking livery showing the faces of a number of Qatar Airways Cargo employees adorned with the words "Moved by People" on each side of the plane. The freighter will serve as the company envoy for Chapter 4 of the WeQare initiative, which focuses on Diversity, and will go on to deliver this message throughout the airline's global network.

About the freighter, Guillaume Halleux, Chief Officer Cargo at Qatar Airways, commented, "This Moved by People freighter is dedicated to the 2,873 diverse colleagues who take Qatar Airways Cargo from strength to strength. It is their dedication, innovation, and collaboration that has made Qatar Airways Cargo the world's number one cargo airline, today. Therefore, they are all mentioned by name inside the word 'People' on the livery."

Halleux added that the freighter is set to take off on a mission. "Our Moved by People freighter will embark on a mission to convey our gratitude and pride in our people to as many of our colleagues around the world as possible. It is a visible reminder that our individual characters, backgrounds, and skills are what constitute our multicultural Qatar Airways Cargo family," he said.

Chapter 4 Diversity is the latest focus topic in WeQare's sustainability initiative centred around the environment, society, economy, and culture. It follows on from Chapter 3 – "Let's Stand Together", launched in April of this year, in support of disadvantaged children across the globe. Chapter 1 - "One Million Kilos" kicked off in July 2020, and provided free transport of 1 million kilos of humanitarian aid and medical equipment to charitable organisations, and with Chapter 2 - "Rewild the Planet", which started in 2021, Qatar Airways Cargo committed to preserving wildlife and endangered animals, and transporting them back to their natural habitat free of charge.

For more details on Chapter 4 'Diversity' of Qatar Airways Cargo's WeQare initiative, watch the latest Cargo Shots episode below:

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