Menzies joins global mission to decarbonise aviation

Actions include drastically improving fuel efficiency gains of aircraft and rapid roll out of SAF.

Menzies joins global mission to decarbonise aviation

Menzies Aviation, the global aviation logistics specialist, has joined the Mission Possible Partnership (MPP), an alliance of climate leaders focused on decarbonising some of the world's highest-emitting industries.

"Global aviation is currently responsible for about 3 percent of total global, anthropogenic CO2 emissions – having seen an increase by over a third between 2010 and 2019 alone. If aviation were unmitigated, it could be responsible for an even greater proportion of global emissions by 2050," says a statement from Menzies.

MPP, in collaboration with the Clean Skies for Tomorrow coalition, has published a new Aviation Transition Strategy that has been endorsed by over 60 aviation leaders, setting out a global strategy to achieve net-zero aviation by 2050. The report, Making Net-Zero Aviation possible: An industry-backed, 1.5°C aligned Transition Strategy, provides a series of actionable steps to be taken over the next decade to secure a transition towards carbon-neutral flying and deliver the goals of the Paris Agreement, says the statement. Actions include drastically improving fuel efficiency gains of aircraft, the rapid roll out of sustainable aviation fuel and market entry of hydrogen, battery-electric or hybrid powered aircraft, the statement added.

"This latest strategy from the Mission Possible Partnership underlines the importance of key players in the aviation industry working together to achieve net-zero," says John Geddes, Corporate Affairs Director, Menzies Aviation. "I'm proud that Menzies is involved in this latest effort and look forward to seeing the impact collective action can have to build a more sustainable future."

Katy Reid, Head of Sustainability & Corporate Responsibility, Menzies Aviation, adds: "Our All-In strategy is integral to making our business more sustainable and has set us on course to meet our social and climate responsibilities. This latest report from the Mission Possible Partnership highlights the steps we must take to continue to drive meaningful change, which we will be incorporating into our existing strategies."

Menzies, which provides ground, fuel and air cargo services, is the first aviation services business to sign an All-In sustainability strategy. Announced last year, All-In covers Menzies' plan for making a positive difference to guarantee a sustainable future, notably its ambition to be carbon-neutral by 2033.

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