Embraer achieves mega milestone with E190 aircraft

The Brazilian aircraft manufacturer has successfully completed the conversion of the first E190 freighter.

Embraer achieves mega milestone with E190 aircraft
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In a groundbreaking move, Brazilian aircraft manufacturer Embraer has completed the conversion of the first E190 passenger aircraft into a freighter. This conversion falls under Embraer’s passenger to freighter (P2F) programme. Launched last year, the programme focuses on converting E190 and E195 aircraft.

The initial conversion involved transforming a former Avianca passenger E190 into a freighter, with Embraer showcasing the process in a video on its social media platforms. The conversion work took place in São José dos Campos, Brazil.

Embraer has scheduled the entry-into-service date for the converted E190F in early 2024, with operational deployment set for March. According to sources, the company has completed ground testing and will soon commence flight testing.

The aircraft manufacturer is currently working on its next E190 conversion and will shortly convert a passenger E195. According to Embraer, the same P2F procedure will be followed for the conversion of the E195 aircraft.

Notably, while Azul was the first to launch an E195 converted freighter back in February 2022 in collaboration with the Brazilian aerospace engineering company LHColus Technologia, this will be the first time that Embraer will perform conversion work on its E195 aircraft.

The larger E195F can carry up to 12,300 kg (27,100 lbs) of payload, compared to 10,700 kg (23,600 lbs) for the E190F. The E190F and E195F can deliver similar payloads to freighters like the Boeing 737-300F but at up to 25% lower cost because they have a longer range than turboprop freighters.

At the Paris Air Show this year, Embraer signed a letter of agreement (LoA) with Lanzhou Aviation Industry Development Group for 20 passenger-to-freighter (P2F) conversions of E190F and E195F E-Jets. According to the agreement, the first deal had to take place at Embraer's facility in São José dos Campos, Brazil. With the agreement with China’s Lanzhou Aviation Industry Development Group, Embraer is bidding to appeal to the Chinese market.

In May 2022 Ireland-based Nordic Aviation Capital (NAC) became the launch lessor for the Embraer E-Jet Passenger-to-Freighter (P2F) programme, launched in March 2022. Embraer announced that NAC will convert up to 10 of its fleet of E190s and E195s to freighter aircraft.

Embraer has also secured a significant deal with an undisclosed client for the conversion of up to ten Embraer E-jets from passenger to freighter (P2F), with deliveries expected to commence in early 2024.

Over the next 20 years, Embraer anticipates up to 700 first-generation E-Jet P2F conversions will be required. Having delivered more than 1,600 E-Jets overall, Embraer anticipates that the growing demand for P2F services across the globe will also influence both the E190 and E195.

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