Delta Air Lines partners with Aviation Partners Boeing to support sustainability goals

Delta Air Lines partners with Aviation Partners Boeing to support sustainability goals

737-900ER Split Scimitar Winglet. Photo Credit: Carl Ceresoli 

Aviation Partners Boeing (APB) and Delta Air Lines, Inc. (Delta) share a commitment to reducing aircraft carbon emissions. And in line with that on Tuesday, APB announced Delta's recent agreements to purchase Split Scimitar Winglets for its 737-800 fleet and for a number of recently acquired 737-900ER aircraft.

Delta also recently agreed to purchase Scimitar Blended Winglets for up to 70 of Delta's 757-200 aircraft. Both the Split Scimitar Winglets and Scimitar Blended Winglets are upgrades to APB's ubiquitous Blended Winglets. Delta has previously purchased and installed APB winglet products on its 737-800, 737-900ER, 757-200, 757-300, and 767-300ER fleets. APB is proud that Delta has, once again, turned to APB's winglet products across its fleets to deliver savings in jet fuel consumption and gains in fuel efficiency.

"The recent challenges for the industry have forced many airlines to focus on efforts other than emissions reduction and operational efficiency," said Craig McCallum, Aviation Partners Boeing senior director of sales and marketing. "Delta's recent agreements to purchase additional APB winglet products is a clear indication of Delta Air Lines' unwavering dedication to building a more sustainable future for air travel."

"We could not be more excited and honored to continue our partnership with Delta Air Lines to reduce aircraft fuel consumption and carbon emissions. We are inspired by Delta's ambitious sustainability goals and extremely grateful for their continued endorsement of APB products," says Aviation Partners Boeing chief commercial officer, Patrick LaMoria.

Since forming in 1999, airlines worldwide have placed orders for over 9,500 of APB visual technology winglet systems. APB estimates that its products have reduced aircraft fuel consumption worldwide by over 13.4 billion gallons to date thereby saving over 141 million tons of carbon dioxide emissions. Aviation Partners Boeing is a Seattle-based joint venture of Aviation Partners, Inc. and The Boeing Company.

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