B&H Worldwide launches Carbon SmartTRAC for emissions visibility

Carbon SmartTRAC is cloud-based dashboard for B&H customers to have information for sustainability strategies

B&H Worldwide launches Carbon SmartTRAC for emissions visibility
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B&H Worldwide, a market leader in highly specialised aerospace logistics, launched a new reporting tool to provide its customers with visibility of carbon emissions on their shipments. The tool, known as Carbon SmartTRAC, is a cloud-based analytical dashboard developed so that customers have information to guide their sustainability strategies, says an official release.

Carbon SmartTRAC was developed through understanding of CO2 equivalent emissions of air routes combined with B&H Worldwide’s aviation & aerospace logistics experience. "It means that for the first time, true end-to-end logistics data can be provided to aviation customers who can then calculate and understand their CO2 emissions for each shipment by service type, routing and transport mode."

Paul Wakefield, Group Head of Finance, B&H Worldwide says: “Managing big data is an essential part of enabling our customers to set science-based targets for reducing their emissions and tracking their progress towards those targets. We led the way on software for aerospace logistics with the launch of FirstTrac and now we are doing the same for carbon emissions with Carbon SmartTRAC”.

Key to the interactive dashboard are its analysis functions which enable customers to view trends and drill down to individual shipment levels. Highlights include visual and dynamic charts, an intelligent Carbon Quote Calculator for transport-related emissions data, tracking CO2e emissions of shipments, tracking energy consumption of inventory within B&H warehouses and easy data extraction and reporting, the release added.

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