Wiremind separates air cargo business 'Wiremind Cargo' as subsidiary

Created in 2014, Wiremind is a French company offering revenue optimization and inventory management software solutions.

Wiremind separates air cargo business Wiremind Cargo as subsidiary

Wiremind today announced the separation of its dedicated air cargo business unit Wiremind Cargo, launched in November 2021 and headed by CEO, Nathanaël de Tarade, and CTO, Etienne Corbillé.

Created in 2014, Wiremind is a leading French company providing revenue optimization and inventory management software solutions for the transport, logistics and events sectors.

Nathanaël de Tarade, chief executive officer of Wiremind Cargo, said, "Over the past months, we have structured Wiremind Cargo as a separate business entity, and established a strong team of experts dedicated entirely to the needs of the air freight industry. Our engineers all have a background in transport and logistics, and are well-versed in how airlines, GSAs, GHAs and freight forwarders operate."

"From a data management and coordination perspective, the air freight industry is highly challenging, and therefore also a hugely attractive prospect for us at Wiremind Cargo. We have the know-how and capacity to deliver efficient solutions for inventory, reservation, capacity management, pricing or flight optimization, to name just a few areas. Our goal is to develop a unique cargo management platform that supports and facilitates the daily work of people working in all areas of the industry, be they cargo sales or reservation agents, flight controllers, or involved in operations."

Skypallet's 3D volume calculator

Wiremind's flagship air cargo product, SkyPallet, a ULD & Flight Optimisation system launched in 2017, is now wholly managed by Wiremind Cargo. SkyPallet is a combination of three tools that help maximize cargo capacity utilization by enhancing flight optimization processes: a 3D Volume Calculator, a Flight Planning module, and a Weight & Balance module. Leading airlines and cargo companies such as Emirates SkyCargo, Atlas Air, United Airlines, Qantas Airways, WestJet, ECS Group, Chapman Freeborn, rely on and endorse Wiremind Cargo's expertise in software and data science. Wiremind Cargo is also collaborating with some of its partners to further develop its cargo management platform.

Skypallet's flight planning module

One such partner is ECS Cargo Digital Factory. The two companies joined forces and launched CargoTech earlier this year, with the aim of building a comprehensive air cargo ecosystem offering a complete suite of innovative products and providing specialized consultancy services with regard to digital strategy and implementation. CargoTech clients benefit from both Wiremind Cargo's and ECS Cargo Digital Factory's individual areas of expertise, and the speed and efficiency of bringing solutions to market when recognized experts pool their resources in a project. Wiremind Cargo's 2022 strategy is to continue enhancing its existing products, develop tailored air cargo in-house solutions, as well as new air cargo products in collaboration with ECS Cargo Digital Factory under the CargoTech umbrella. It aims to become the air cargo industry's partner of choice when it comes to leading, innovative technology solutions for air freight.

Skypallet's weight & balance module

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