Teleport, SF Airlines to share logistics network

SF Airlines gains access to Teleport’s capabilities to support international expansion into Southeast Asia

Teleport, SF Airlines to share logistics network
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Teleport and SF Airlines, China’s largest air cargo carrier by fleet, signed a bilateral interline partnership to leverage each other’s air network to better serve their respective customers.

Teleport brings to the table deep logistics access into Southeast Asia, and SF Airlines, the largest express network within China and outbound into European and North American markets, says an official release from Teleport. "This partnership has already moved significant cargo volumes for customers of both parties on the combined network."

Pete Chareonwongsak, CEO, Teleport says: “This partnership is in service of our continued efforts to add valuable third-party airline partnerships to Teleport. We are looking forward to supporting SF Airlines to expand their cross-border product in Southeast Asia.

“In turn, our partnership with SF Airlines, the largest cargo airline in China, not only strengthens our regional connectivity within China but also extends our market reach into Europe and the Americas, connecting our network globally beyond Southeast Asia. This will help us better serve our customers needs, deepen our end-to-end capabilities, and ramp up our ability to scale our business to better serve the region.”

SF Airlines operates a fleet of 84 freighters serving 90 global destinations, the release said.

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Li Sheng, Chairman, SF Airlines adds: “We’re delighted to partner with Teleport, a market leader in the Southeast Asia region. This partnership allows us to deepen our network access into Teleport’s wide network reach and frequency into Southeast Asia as well as key Asia Pacific markets. We look forward to this partnership in further strengthening our commitment to continuously expand and strengthen our air-logistics service capability.”

Teleport, the logistics venture seeded by Capital A, is adding third-party airlines to its air logistics network to expand into key airports such as Kuala Lumpur and Bangkok from China while extending network reach into new markets such as Europe and the United States. Teleport inducted the first of three Airbus A321 freighter in July, the release added.

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