Teleport delivers its first joint shipment with PIA

Based on this partnership, Teleport and Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) delivered their first joint shipment to Jeddah today.

Teleport delivers its first joint shipment with PIA
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Teleport and Pakistan International Airlines signed a partnership agreement on May 20, 2024. The Malaysia-based integrated logistics solutions provider aims to improve connections between Southeast Asia (SEA) and the Middle East with this new airline partner.

Under this agreement, Teleport and PIA will use each other's networks and capacity within and beyond Southeast Asia. A social media post stated, "We're connecting e-commerce shipments from China to the Middle East via SEA."

(L-R): Teleport team, PIA Team
(L-R): Teleport team, PIA Team

Even though the company did not want to disclose much information about this deal at this stage, in a casual conversation with The STAT Trade Times, Teleport's CEO Pete Chareonwongsak said, "First shipment to Jeddah is done. That was quick, wouldn't you say?"

The social post stated, "We can now offer customers greater capacity and frequency to major cities like Jeddah, Auckland, and Sydney." During Teleport's media briefing at Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia on May 13, 2024, the CEO said, "We need to create a consolidated network of airlines." He further added that both routes can be properly optimised both in the air and on ground to improve operational efficiency as well as sustainability.

While Teleport's latest LinkedIn post stated, "We're excited to immediately extend our network to better serve customers across the region, and we're just getting started," the company's Chief Business Officer gave hints about its new expansion plans last week.

"Southeast Asia is our home; it's where we started. However, Teleport operates beyond Southeast Asia. Our next step is to expand across Asia as a whole. We already have a strong presence in India, China, Japan, and Korea, and we've also formed partnerships with airlines in the Middle East," stated Jan Philipp Pöter, Chief Business Officer of Teleport, in an exclusive interview with The STAT Trade Times after the conference last week.

Moving ahead, Teleport also plans to deliver two million parcels daily across Southeast Asia and acquire seven more freighters for its fleet by 2025.

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