SASI World launches Smart Cargo Airports product

Airports that have started the process include Chicago Rockford, Philadelphia and Northlink Anchorage in the USA, and Edmonton in Canada.

SASI World launches Smart Cargo Airports product
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SASI World, the advisory for the global aviation industry specializing in air cargo logistics, has launched its exclusive Smart Cargo Airports product to serve its worldwide airport and airline client base.

Airports that have started the process include Chicago Rockford, Philadelphia and Northlink Anchorage in the USA, and Edmonton in Canada. Several others including developers and data systems suppliers, GHA are in the evaluation and trial stages.

“SASI World have recognised the need to facilitate and assist our airline and airport customer base by tying together the latest technological, environmental, regulatory, and operational elements on airport required for the introduction of new and competitive airline products,” reads the release.

The industry still operates in a fragmented environment of standards and regulations. No one entity has a set of protocols that guides the industry. Major decisions and strategic alignment must be made to adjust to a post-Covid-19 world of supply chain issues and consumer demands for reliable, transparent and quality driven air cargo solutions and products.

SASI World has worked with their global customer base to set standards for Beneficial Cargo Owners (BCO) driven demands for speed, transparency, quality and c0ompliance for both environmental issues and economic necessities. The program has been developed through extensive customer interface.

Additionally, SASI has incorporated information from work with the UN-CEFACT data corridor committee and ICAO.

The release also reads, “Continuing discussions with global BCOs, airlines and C Suite GHA management have verified the need for such a programme to achieve the high value services required. Clients highly value both chain of custody data throughout the supply chain and a system with built in redundancy to ensure all SLA’s and KPI’s are met, this program achieves those objectives.”

For airports

• Improved and qualified Interaction with own management or developers regarding facility development and infrastructure, latest technologies re automation and digitization,

environmental concerns mitigation and standards for tenants who are in effect the “Calling Card” of the airport with the logistics industry.

• Security concerns addressed through the newly appointed SASI World VP for Aviation Security Practises, and SASI World strategic partners re concerning Cyber Security.

• Technical, commercial, and operational support of Air Cargo Community Systems (ACCS) implementation including vendor options and stakeholder engagement on airport.

• Airport best practises and standards guide for Ground Handling Facilities compiled with assistance of two of the world’s leading high value Airline service providers. Facilities standards for both operational excellence but also commercial viability in handing high value verticals such as Express, E Commerce, AVI, DGR etc.

• Standards and protocols achieved to allow full participation in SASI Worlds “Data and Logistics Corridor ™” programme.

• Complete suite of Airport community stakeholder training from the SASI World Learning and Development division, including ICAO certified Safety and Security, and other courses certified by CILT.

• Employing airport cargo community system to better manage operations and plan.

For Airlines

• Airports with standards and protocols matched to the latest demands and service elements and requirements for high value vertical product implementation, including Express and E- Commerce, as examples, eventually joined in SASI World “Data and Logistics Corridor” program.

• Guidelines for forward looking strategy and planning re future technologies such as E-VTOL, Electric aircraft, GSE etc. on airports.

• Facilities, GHA and local airport regulatory authorities on airport constantly updated re service standards to meet BCO demands for Speed, Transparency, Quality and Compliance.

• Highest standards for on airport security and cyber security, digital community system implemented toto ensure full choice in service providers connected through API or other standards required.

• Airports with set standards for environmental through medium- and longer-term objectives, but also for immediate benefit such as those provided by Airport Cargo Community Systems truck slot management, Electric GSE etc. to support airlines standards.

• Most important, airports are partners, for market development and product enhancement where cargo is seen as a core business.

• Airports are partners with local and regional economic developers to increase awareness and support of air cargo services.

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