Rapid, IATA announce open API hub to boost innovation

API hub fosters collaboration by providing developers with a centralised and open environment for sharing APIs & data

Rapid, IATA announce open API hub to boost innovation

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Rapid, a leading API hub provider, announced the launch of the open API hub for the International Air Transport Association (IATA) - a data ecosystem for the airline industry to freely and openly share APIs and data without compromising control.

"IATA, whose approximately 300 members account for 83 percent of total air traffic, is the prime vehicle for inter-airline cooperation in promoting safe, reliable, secure and economical air services for the benefit of the world's consumers," says a release from Rapid. "IATA’s new API hub, powered by Rapid, builds on this activity and provides a platform that will allow airlines to easily connect to the modern world by enabling the use of APIs to improve every step of the passenger’s journey."

Muhammad Albakri, Senior Vice President, Financial Settlement and Distribution Services, IATA says: “Combining our understanding of the issues facing the airline industry with Rapid’s expertise of the API and developer ecosystem, this partnership will create a platform to help the industry to innovate toward the goal of delivering a seamless customer experience. APIs are broadly used in the travel industry, from providing offers to customers to baggage tracking to flight status notifications. The true value of this partnership stems from the ability to successfully discover APIs, facilitate connectivity and help build trusted relationships between API providers and API consumers so that they may quickly and efficiently bring new players and applications to the market.”

When considering the air travel ecosystem (airlines, travel agents, safety regulators, aggregators, solution providers) the needs of effective data exchange is critical, especially in the areas of safety, security, environment, and other operational services, the release said. The Open API Hub addresses this need by opening up airline APIs to a broader industry community. With this hub, airlines and their partners can securely exchange and discover new information in real time, based on open standards, without dependencies on intermediaries, fostering a healthy community of innovation, the release added.

Iddo Gino, CEO and Founder, Rapid

“We’re thrilled to partner with IATA to provide a central place where developers can discover and connect to APIs from across the airline industry," says Iddo Gino, CEO and Founder, Rapid. "This partnership will empower developers across IATA, airlines and new travel startups to create new digital experiences that enhance and streamline travel experience. Access to airline data and API through a streamlined, unified platform will accelerate digital transformation and innovation across the travel industry."

The open API hub is now publicly available to all developers within the airline industry ecosystem, the release added.

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