Over $7mn medical supplies donated for Ukrainian refugees

Flexport.org, Airlink, World Hope Intl, Lift Non-Profit Logistics & Globus Relief provide aid for over 300,000 refugees

Over $7mn medical supplies donated for Ukrainian refugees

Following a request for medical supplies from the Moldovan authorities, World Hope International (WHI), Lift Non-Profit Logistics, Globus Relief, Airlink, and Flexport.org partnered to transport $7 million in humanitarian relief for more than 300,000 Ukrainian refugees.

"The supplies have been moved from Utah and airlifted via a Boeing 747 from Chicago to Amsterdam where Flexport.org then arranged for trucking partners to transport the cargo to Moldova. Fulfilling the Moldovan authorities request for assistance required multi-faceted project coordination and experience managing complex supply chains. This relief effort demanded specialised skills to source the requested supplies and transport them from Utah to Moldova via Chicago and Amsterdam."

"In these difficult times, Moldova is helping Ukrainian refugees with needed shelter and assistance," says Eugen Caras, Moldova's Ambassador to the U.S. "Given this context, we are highly appreciative of the efforts our American friends have put towards gathering an impressive amount of medical supplies. This support will be used and distributed by the Ministry of Health for the Ukrainian refugees in Moldova, and we are so thankful for it."

"Airlink is delighted to be part of this coalition of organisations using their resources and expertise to deliver humanitarian aid to Moldova in support of Ukrainian refugees," says Steven J. Smith, President and CEO, Airlink. "There are considerable and growing supply chain difficulties in the region, so partnership and coordination are vital to ensuring Ukrainian refugees get the aid they need."

Shaimaa Al Wassiti, President, Globus Relief Humanitarian, added: "Globus Relief is equipped to supply needs for all forms of medical care. This initial shipment includes more immediately needed items such as bandages, syringes, IVs, and any sort of emergency supplies that are used in first response medical care."

"The events unfolding in Ukraine and the escalating violence across the region is beyond tragic on many levels – and is quickly becoming one of the largest refugee events of our lifetime," says John Lyon, CEO, WHI. "While we are looking at ways to scale up our support, we hope this week's effort will make a large impact on those who receive these critical supplies."

Susy Schöneberg, Head of Flexport.org, said: "Humanitarian responses are incredibly complex and demand a wide range of coordination from nonprofits. By providing strong airfreight solutions and funding support, we aim to help our nonprofit partners focus on what they do best and respond immediately when disaster strikes."

The partnership provided over 220,000 pounds of medical supplies to serve a specifically requested need from the Moldova Ministry of Health.

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