NEO delivers urgent auto parts via charters

The flights from Spain, Portugal to Birmingham, Liverpool used Metro, Saab 340, ATR42, and ATR72 freighters.

NEO delivers urgent auto parts via charters
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NEO, a charter specialist headquartered in Frankfurt, has successfully conducted a programme of twenty air cargo charters from Spain and Portugal to the UK. These flights were dedicated to transporting urgent automotive components.

The flights, originating from Spain and Portugal and bound for Birmingham and Liverpool in the UK, were operated using Metro, Saab 340, ATR42, and ATR72 freighter aircraft. These planes had capacities ranging from 2.1 to 9.2 tonnes. The cargo, loaded on pallets, consisted of 1 to 25 packages per flight. Each package measured 120cm x 80cm x 120cm and weighed 360 kilograms.

All shipments were very urgent and needed to keep car production lines going. Flight bookings happened with just a few hours' notice, requiring same-day departures and arrivals, according to the official release.

“This was a challenging period in which ongoing temporary supply issues led to sporadic and unpredictable component needs. The only common denominator was the extreme urgency of the shipments, to avoid production line shut-downs,” says Ismail Duran, Time Critical Sales Manager of NEO.

“Sourcing suitable, available nearby aircraft and operating them at such short notice, while also minimising the costs to the client, created a few challenges – but nothing we couldn’t solve. Smaller freighters provided the solution. It all went to plan, and the end customer was able to maintain production throughout with minimal disruption and at a sensible cost.”

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