Natilus reveals state-of-the-art pilot operations desk for autonomous freight operations

Natilus and Ameriflight have joined forces in air cargo innovation by unveiling the Natilus pilot operations desk (POD).

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A strategic partnership between Natilus and Ameriflight, a top regional air cargo and aviation transportation company, has been announced, marking a significant milestone for the air cargo industry. The industry is currently facing significant challenges, such as a shortage of pilots, a rising demand in e-commerce, and inefficiencies in the supply chain. This collaboration aims to address these key issues. Concurrently, Nautilus has unveiled the state-of-the-art Natilus Pilot Operations Desk (POD), a ground control station that is seamlessly integrated with the Natilus line of cargo aircraft of the future.

The design of this ground control station aims to revolutionise the ways in which air cargo operators navigate, fly, and communicate. For remote pilots, it serves as a conduit, enabling them to communicate with the skies with the same ease as if they were in the cockpit. Because pilots can now work from the comfort of an operations centre close to their homes.

According to Natilus, one of the POD's key features is its ability to allow one operator to monitor up to three Natilus aircraft simultaneously. This not only improves operational efficiency but also aligns with the growing industry demand for both scheduled and on-demand air cargo services.

In January, Ameriflight placed an order for 20 Natilus Kona autonomous feeder cargo aircraft, each weighing 3.8 tons. The company is engaged in operational testing, actively providing feedback to enhance the POD and ensuring its readiness for actual cargo operations. Alan Rusinowitz, CEO of Ameriflight said, "Ameriflight is honoured to join forces with Natilus in the development of this cutting-edge aircraft and its accompanying technology. We eagerly anticipate the ongoing collaboration and, ultimately, the integration of Natilus aircraft into our operations, ensuring the success of future business growth opportunities on the horizon."

Natilus uses satellite and airborne networks, which are supported by cloud infrastructure, to ensure reliable, redundant, timely, and compliant communications. The POD connects to a sophisticated cloud network, where it manages real-time data filtering and layering for the pilot, such as air traffic situational awareness, meteorological data, airspace advisories, and more.

This collaboration and the introduction of the Natilus POD represent a significant step forward for the air cargo industry towards a more efficient, safe, and connected future.

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