Make sense of air cargo market (for free) with Rotate’s Live Capacity

Premium features to include capacity forecasts, personalised alerts on capacity changes & competitive position analyser

Make sense of air cargo market (for free) with Rotate’s Live Capacity

Ryan Keyrouse, Co-Founder, Rotate

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Rotate has launched a real-time capacity and market intelligence tool to support commercial and strategic decision-making within the air cargo industry.

"Containing live updated flight data from thousands of airlines, more than 9,000 airports and over 200 aircraft types, Rotate’s Live Capacity tool offers unrivalled insight into the supply side of the air cargo market. Moreover, Rotate is making this tool available free-of-charge to air cargo companies," says an official release.

Gert-Jan Jansen, Co-Founder, Rotate says: “The air cargo industry has long been investing in digital and technology solutions, which have led to ever-increasing amounts of data being produced and stored every day. The true challenge, now, is not in collecting more data; it is in putting that data to good use and formulating real actions that improve commercial and operational decisions. Our Rotate Live Capacity tool supports a range of functions within the air cargo industry from network design to business development, benchmarking, carrier management, pricing, and market trend analysis. Access to real-time data also opens up a whole new range of use-cases going forward – such as pricing and revenue management, for example.”

Ryan Keyrouse, Co-Founder, Rotate adds: “Data has grown into a commodity. With this in mind, we want to democratise the availability of high-quality market data and are therefore taking a pioneering approach by offering access to our Live Capacity tool for free to the air cargo industry. Airlines, airports, handlers, forwarders, OEMs, GSAs, and other industry-related companies can register to access the tool, free-of-charge. Our belief is that the real value is not the market data itself but rather in the interpretation and the analysis of this data, which drives actions and better decisions. To further support this, we have placed a strong focus on ease-of-use to allow all users to navigate the platform easily and quickly.”

The Live Capacity Live tool will be enhanced with unique premium features over time as Rotate continues to address requests and feedback from its customers and other CargoTech members, the release added. Premium features will include capacity forecasts, proactive and personalised alerts on capacity changes, indirect capacity overviews, a competitive position analyser, and additional data granularity such a charter identification.

“We envision a broader suite of live air cargo data going forward as we are always looking into innovative ways to bring valuable real-time data to the market, now and in the future,” says Jansen.

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