Hactl installs cargo thermal detection system to enhance safety

System can monitor temperature of different cargo in real-time and identify abnormal conditions, triggering alerts

Hactl installs cargo thermal detection system to enhance safety

(From left): Wilson Kwong, Chief Executive, Hactl, Angus Cheung, CEO, ATL and other dignitaries at the signing event for installation of system at Hactl’s SuperTerminal 1

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Hong Kong-based Aerovision Technology (ATL) and Hong Kong Air Cargo Terminals (Hactl) signed a collaboration agreement to install ATL’s patented intelligent cargo thermal detection system at suitable locations within Hactl’s SuperTerminal 1.

Hactl is also the world's first air cargo terminal equipped with an intelligent cargo thermal detection system, which will further enhance the safety and reliability of cargo inspection to address the increasing volume of hazardous air cargo and mitigate potential fire risks, says an official release.

The collaboration agreement was signed on December 14, 2023 at Hong Kong Asia World-Expo by Angus Cheung, CEO, ATL and Wilson Kwong, Chief Executive, Hactl, the release added.

"By combining advanced thermal imaging technology, thermodynamics, fluid mechanics, data analytics, and artificial intelligence, ATL has overcome the limitations of existing thermal energy monitoring techniques. The system can monitor the temperature of different cargo materials in various environments in real-time and quickly identify any abnormal conditions, triggering alerts."

Cheung says: "Many thanks to the civil aviation department for providing important direction on this innovative research and development project. The collaboration between ATL and Hactl is exemplary to showcase the commitments from both companies to continue their investment for the future in research and development and adoption of locally invented technological products/solutions to further enhance the competitiveness of Hong Kong’s aviation industry. This collaboration is important in maintaining Hong Kong’s position as the world’s busiest air cargo airport and will also set the new standard for safe handling of air cargo in future. "

Kwong adds: "Hactl’s SuperTerminal 1 is the single largest air cargo terminal globally and an essential part of Hong Kong's air cargo industry. We are committed to continuous development through the adoption of innovative technologies. This collaboration with ATL will introduce new cargo thermal detection technology to our terminal, further improving the reliability of cargo inspection, contributing to aviation safety and strengthening the operational resilience of our terminal. It also sets a new benchmark for the air cargo industry."

As part of the collaboration, ATL will provide customised services based on the needs of Hactl including system design, supply, installation, commissioning, training, and maintenance support. Additionally, the two parties will collaborate closely to explore new technologies and solutions to meet the future development and changing demands of the air cargo industry, the release added.

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