CMA CGM and CEVA Logistics buckle up for the Paris 2024 Olympic Games

The Group aims to transport 170,000+ pallets for Paris 2024, with 7,000+ trips to deliver competition gear.

CMA CGM and CEVA Logistics buckle up for the Paris 2024 Olympic Games
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The CMA CGM Group, the official logistics partner for the Paris 2024 Games, is utilising the expertise of its 180,000 employees to tackle the significant task of organising the world's largest sporting event.

Since February 2023, the Group and its subsidiary CEVA Logistics have been closely working with the Organising Committee of the Paris 2024 Games. They are providing various logistical transport solutions for the event, including freight services, international goods transport, customs clearance, storage, delivery, site logistics, specialised freight handling, and IT systems integration, says an official release.

CMA CGM and CEVA Logistics are collaborating to transport a vast array of sports equipment for the Olympics. This includes over 900,000 items such as trampolines, poles, firearms, boats, and surfboards.

Additionally, they will handle the transportation of more than 250 containers of bleachers and mobile seats, as well as the delivery of 1.3 million items of furniture, fixtures, equipment, and merchandising material. This includes assembling and dismantling 17,000 beds for athletes and their teams in the Olympic Village, the release added.

CEVA Logistics is also responsible for the storage, assembly, and transport of nearly 650 advanced mobility vehicles and 2,745 electric vehicles for getting around the venues.

As the opening of the Olympics approaches, CMA CGM will manage the transportation of over 68,000 pieces of luggage from airports to Olympic venues. Additionally, they will oversee the end-to-end logistics for the world's largest audiovisual network to ensure that the competitions can be broadcast worldwide, mentions the official release.

For the Paris 2024 Games, the Group plans to transport over 170,000 pallets through more than 7,000 trips to deliver competition equipment. They'll use a fleet of over 300 vehicles, including vans and trucks, to cover the last mile efficiently.

Recognising the critical role of logistics in the Olympics, CMA CGM and CEVA Logistics are ramping up their workforce. They're hiring 700 new employees, specially trained for the occasion. This move also creates job opportunities for long-term unemployed individuals in some cases.

To reduce carbon emissions, CMA CGM is utilising logistics vehicles fueled by LNG, biofuels, electricity, or sustainable aviation fuel. For instance, CEVA Logistics will employ low-carbon vehicles powered by biofuels for at least 50% of deliveries between storage warehouses and the Games venues. This initiative aims to significantly diminish the carbon footprint of transport services during the event.

CMA CGM and CEVA Logistics rely on their 180,000 employees for their "Logistics, from the starting blocks to the finish line" campaign. The campaign showcases the companies' vital services across the entire transport and logistics chain globally. Seven employees from different business lines are featured, highlighting the partnership with the Paris 2024 Games. As an official partner of the Paris 2024 Games and Paralympic Torch Relays, 90 employees will carry the Torch across various regions of France before it reaches Paris, the release added.

"As the official partner in logistics solutions of the Paris 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games, our 180,000 employees are in the starting blocks to deliver low carbon and more responsible Games. Thanks to our subsidiaries CEVA Logistics and CMA CGM AIR CARGO, the CMA CGM Group is fully committed to ensuring the success of the Games and keeping the Olympic spirit alive,” says Tanya Saadé-Zeenny, Executive Vice-President of the Group.

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