CHAMP backs IATA’s ONE Record hackathon in Shenzhen as API sponsor

CHAMP helps drive innovation in air cargo by exposing several of its Cargospot APIs

CHAMP backs IATA’s ONE Record hackathon in Shenzhen as API sponsor

Photo Credit: IATA

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CHAMP Cargosystems was a sponsor of the International Air Transport Association (IATA) biannual ONE Record hackathon held in Shenzhen from March 15-17, 2024.

As part of the sponsorship, CHAMP exposed multiple Cargospot APIs and sponsored the API prize to champion an open and innovative approach to software solutions, says an official release from CHAMP. "The hackathon is designed to encourage problem-solving, creativity and the technical abilities of all participants.

"The challenge asked entrants to leverage ONE Record and aviation APIs for the logistics supply chain. Altogether, 16 teams participated in the event, which included around-the-clock coding sessions to drive projects to completion on the final day. Amongst the entrants was CHAMP’s own team, The We1Rd Ones, who were selected to represent the company after winning an internal hackathon."

Henk Mulder, Head, Digital Cargo, IATA says: "Our ONE Record hackathons are a core element of the development and adoption of ONE Record and a lot of innovation takes place there. CHAMP has supported and participated in these hackathons from the very first. Now in its ninth edition in Shenzhen, hosted by ICCS at the campus of the University of Shenzhen, it's great to see CHAMP competing among the 16 teams. As an added incentive, there is also a CHAMP prize! CHAMP's spirit of innovation and the energy of its team fits perfectly in these hackathons, and we're delighted to have CHAMP with us here in Shenzhen."

Chris McDermott, CEO, CHAMP adds: “It’s been fantastic to see all the hard work, innovation, and brilliant execution demonstrated in this year's IATA ONE Record hackathon. We are proud to support this initiative and offer our sincere congratulations to the winners and all participants. We also would like to extend our thanks to all the facilitators who made the event the success that it was and look forward to the next one."

Air Canada’s team, ZeroOneFour, were named the winners of the CHAMP prize. Their solution, 1NE Chat leverages AI to streamline complex logistics processes and maintain the flow of e-commerce goods end-to-end, the release added.

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