Challenge Group acquires an additional Boeing 747-400F

The company aims to increase its fleet to a total of 12 aircraft by the year 2026.

Challenge Group acquires an additional Boeing 747-400F
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The Maltese-based Challenge Group has announced the acquisition of an additional Boeing 747-400F aircraft in its fleet. Currently, Challenge Group operates eight freighter aircraft, comprising four B747-400Fs and four B767-300Fs. The company intends to expand its fleet to a total of 12 aircraft by 2026.

Boasting a unique nose-loading capacity and a 120-tonne payload, the aircraft is set to elevate Challenge Group’s operational capabilities, mentions the official release.

"The new 747-400F is a testament to Challenge Group's commitment to staying ahead of the curve despite industry discussions about overcapacity," says Or Zak, Chief Commercial Officer of Challenge Group. "It is an ideal choice for transporting commodities such as heavy & oversized, horses, pharma, aircraft engines, dangerous goods, cars, and other complex verticals and will enhance our capacity and flexibility, allowing us to tap into new markets as well.”

In recent years, Challenge Group has expanded its fleet, including the incorporation of a B767-300BDSF aircraft in August 2023, ongoing conversion programs for two aircraft undergoing simultaneous conversion, and the anticipation of full operational readiness for all four B767 converted freighters by Q3/2024, according to the release.

Challenge Group expects to deploy the new aircraft strategically on trade routes to improve connectivity between Europe and the Far East.

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