ANA Cargo transports Astroscale ADRAS-J satellite to Auckland

ANA Cargo's freighter transports Astroscale manufactured artificial satellite to New Zealand for the first time

ANA Cargo transports Astroscale ADRAS-J satellite to Auckland
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ANA Cargo operated its Boeing 777 freighter to transport Active Debris Removal by Astroscale-Japan (ADRAS-J) satellite manufactured by Astroscale Holdings from Narita Airport to Auckland International Airport for the first time.

ANA Cargo deployed a professional unit organised by experienced & skillful staff, at both Narita & Auckland airports, to handle the customer's valuable cargo based on thorough operation & measures by providing transport handling service, PRIO SENSITIVE, in consideration of the impact risk to be given to the shipment, says an official release.

"Recently, quite a few artificial satellites, supporting our lives, have been launched, while the orbital congestion or debris threat of space is increasing. ADRAS-J, performing initiatives to eliminate such threats as well as securing the economy of space & future environment, was transported to New Zealand in cooperation with Yusen Logistics where the satellite is to be launched."

ANA will continue to select the destinations according to the demand trend by fully utilising its Boeing 777 (x 2) & 767 (x 9) freighter aircrafts to the possible extent while making every effort to enhance the customers' convenience and to provide reliable Japan Quality, no "damage, missing, delay," the release added.

ADRAS-J mission explained
The ADRAS-J mission is the world’s first attempt to safely approach, characterise and survey the state of an existing piece of large debris through Rendezvous and Proximity Operations (RPO). "ADRAS-J is designed to rendezvous with a Japanese upper stage rocket body, demonstrate proximity operations including orbiting around the upper stage, and gather images to assess the rocket body’s movement, and condition of the structure. The mission will demonstrate the most challenging RPO technologies necessary for on-orbit services."

Astroscale raises $7.5mn, total fund raise $383mn
Astroscale Holdings announced the closing of its Series G round with additional funding of $7.5 million from Mizuho Bank.

"This brings the Series G total amount raised to approximately $83.6 million, and the company's total funding since establishment to approximately $383 million. Astroscale’s global entities have secured several new on-orbit servicing technology development contracts, and the additional capital will accelerate hiring to deliver these innovative solutions that will redefine current single-use space operations."

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