'50% just don't talk about gender diversity'

Ashwin Bhat, chief commercial officer of Lufthansa Cargo, talks about all things air cargo on the sidelines of air cargo India 2022.


While the Great Resignation has edged its way into professions world over, Ashwin Bhat, chief commercial officer, Lufthansa Cargo, said the carrier was no exception to the trend.

Bhat was speaking to The STAT Trade Times on the sidelines of air cargo India 2022. On being quizzed on challenges cargo operators face in this day and age, Bhat responded saying that these hurdles were universal.

"The biggest problem I would say is talent. We see the great resignation happening everywhere. That's clearly something we have to work on as an industry, but also as Lufthansa Cargo. No brand, no matter how strong it is secure from what's happening."

Another challenge Bhat highlighted was gender diversity when it came to hiring talent. "We need to talk about diversity because when you talk about talent, 50% just don't talk about gender diversity. We need a different mindset when it comes to diversity, and this is going to be important.

Bhat also commented on the importance of sustainability. "Altogether 99% of sustainability measures happen in the air. Over the last few years, we have invested into new aircraft with lower carbon emissions. We are also investing heavily in sustainable aviation fuel (SAF)."

He also remarked on the need to adopt data collaboration practices and embrace digitisation. "What we faced in the last few years in terms of different crises is that they keep looming coming closer and closer. To manage this, we need an open collaborative communicative relationship that is required by all stakeholders with our customers to offer them solutions. There is not one magic bullet. Leadership is going to be important in how we can bring everything together."

About IATA's March 2022 Cargo Market Analysis reporting a worldwide drop in air cargo volumes since March this year, Bhat affirmed the data, saying that some "softness" was observed in terms of demand the world over. However, he added that there is global consensus that the dip was temporary.

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