Khangi Khoza, Chief Executive Officer, Swissport South Africa
“My advice to future young women entering the aviation sector is that it is a fantastic industry to be a part of and that there is a career for everyone. If you're willing to study, the learning curve is steep but once you are in the industry, you will realise there is an entire universe out there for you to explore.”
Sonia Ben Hamida, Head of Special Cargo, IATA
“Companies can focus on building a diverse and inclusive workplace culture, offering mentorship and leadership programmes, and highlighting opportunities for growth and advancement in the industry.”
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Ruthie Amaru, Chief Product Officer, Freightos Group
“Digitization can also create more opportunities for women to enter the industry by reducing physical barriers to entry. With more logistics operations being carried out remotely, women can work from anywhere, including their homes, providing them with greater flexibility and work-life balance.”
Latha Narayan, Director of Commercial APAC, Australasia and Indian Sub Continent, Etihad Cargo
“Companies, if they want to attract the best talent, need to make it as easy as possible for people to enter and stay in the workforce. Recruitment policies should be fair and gender-neutral, giving every candidate the same consideration.”
Christine Pierret, Chief Executive Officer of Swissport Algeria
“A successful leader is a leader who works with the team, actively listens to ideas and propositions, acknowledges challenges and obstacles, and seeks solutions.”
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Sharon Lucinda Vaz-Arab, President-IMEA, Chapman Freeborn
“I feel that women must first have confidence in themselves, thus they must believe in themselves. Be confident and simply be yourself, and I believe it has contributed significantly to my success.”
Ayesha Katgara, Head of Corporate Strategy, Jeena & Company
“I have always been following this one mantra that challenges are bound to occur, and how well I deal with them makes my leadership effective.”