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Codeshare deal between Volaris and Frontier Airlines to open up more ultra-low fare travel options

Volaris, Frontier Airlines inks codeshare agreement

Posted By : STAT Times 19-01-2018 21:59:00

January 19, 2018: Ultra-low-cost airline-Volaris which serves Mexico, the United States and Central America has recently signed a codeshare agreement with Frontier Airlines, Inc, which is pending approval by authorities in Mexico and the United States.

The agreement is one of the first ever between ultra-low-cost carriers, which is expected to open additional ultra-low fare travel options between Mexico and the United States.

Volaris is all set to gain new access to cities in the US, which not served by its network. Similarly, Frontier is also expected to gain first-time access to new destinations in Mexico.

With this codeshare, Volaris and Frontier will offer customers the ability to purchase the lowest fares across an extensive and well-served network.

"At Volaris we are thrilled to join Frontier as one of the first ultra-low-cost carriers to enter a codeshare agreement. We estimate that our partnership will add around 20 new destinations to our network and 80 new routes between both Mexico and the United States," said Enrique Beltranena, chief executive officer of Volaris.

"Our goal is to unite families and friends on both sides of the border, and this new agreement with our partners at Frontier will allow us to expand the travel options for our audience while keeping fares low," said Beltranena.

Volaris currently serves 24 destinations in the US, and 40 in Mexico, of which 21 coincide with Frontier destinations in both countries. The codeshare agreement greatly enhances the potential for connecting itineraries.

"This agreement will allow us to expand upon our mission to deliver low fares and enable more people to fly," said Barry Biffle, president and chief executive officer of Frontier.

"Many customers traveling between the US and Mexico are forced to pay high fares to fly, and this agreement will provide lower fares to a vast majority of the US and Mexico population. As the leading ultra-low-cost carrier in Mexico, Volaris is an ideal partner with which to align and we look forward to working together to deliver low fares to millions of people," said Biffle.

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