Pilotless planes is the way forward, minus the mass apprehension

Maunesh Dhuri
Over the next 100 years, the world will witness several changes that shall have sweeping ramifications on the way we communicate, conduct business, and commute. One such technology that is at the cusp of transforming air travel is pilotless [...]

Southwest African lions fly across the Atlantic aboard TAP Portugal

Surya Kannoth
On 26 April, four lions born at Lisbon Zoo left their home for a new life. After flying over 8000 kilometres over two days, they were placed in their new habitat at the Pomerode Zoo, in Brazil.

These four special passeng[...]

Gerber says India is interesting and important for Lufthansa Cargo

Reji John
Close on the heels of announcing fairly positive financial numbers for the first half of 2017, Lufthansa Cargo chief executive and chairman of the executive board Peter Gerber held a press conference in Mumbai to formally announce the launch of additional frei[...]