Laptop ban on board, customers may leave out affected airlines

Renjini Liza Varghese
In the modern era, it's hard for anyone to part with their electronic gadgets even when one is on board a aircraft. The new rule imposed by the US and the UK came in as a[...]

Lufthansa Cargo and GRADLYN take utmost care of ‘special passengers’

Two Mesopotamian fallow deer – lovingly referred to as "Mesos" – were flown from the Opel Zoo in Kronberg, Germany, to their final destination Jerusalem Biblical Zoo. After the Mesopotamian fallow deer had been eradicated in the late 19th century in the area that is Israel today, GRADL[...]

Construction of first full scale passenger Hyperloop capsule underway; delivery likely in early 2018

Hyperloop Transportation Technologies (HTT) has begun construction of the first full scale passenger Hyperloop capsule. The company claims that this capsule is the culmination of over three years and thousands of hours of design, research and analysis. The Hyperloop will run on renewable energy. T[...]