Robotics and the click-to-ship revolution

Robots have always been considered as futuristic. The reality is that they are entering the here-and-now in a significant and transformative way — and nowhere more so than in the modern warehouse, writes Simon Cooper.
Across all walks of life,[...]

New India-Afghan air freight corridor strengthens the ties

Renjini Liza Varghese
Opening a new air freight route may not have excited a country to this extend in a normal course. But the two nations involved - India and Afghanistan - made all the difference. Why? The reason is simple; it could be c[...]

Saudia Cargo turns its focus on high yield temperature sensitive cargo

Reji John
From dry goods to perishables to pharma, Saudia Cargo has been continuously enhancing its product offerings and quality of service to its customers. Pharma has been an important product category for the carrier, and it has been u[...]