UPS Express Critical service launched in Europe to handle time-bound shipments

UPS Express Critical service launched in Europe to handle time-bound shipments

Posted By : STAT Times 16-05-2017 00:00:00

May 16, 2017: Global transport and logistics service provider UPS has recently launched UPS Express Critical service in Europe for urgent, time-critical shipments. This service is vital to the healthcare, manufacturing and aerospace sectors when the speed of delivery is mattered most.

A UPS team will assess the shipping request through a round-the-clock contact centre, identifies transportation alternatives and implements a delivery solution that addresses time and cost requirements. UPS Express Critical options include air, charter, surface and a personal courier who can carry the shipment by hand from origin to destination on a commercial flight.

“Expansion in Europe reflects our continued commitment to helping customers in a broad range of industries solve even their most critical logistics and transportation challenges. Industries such as healthcare and aerospace require highly specialised personnel and customised shipping solutions to ensure timely delivery,” said Daniel Gagnon, Vice President of Global Logistics & Distribution for UPS in the US.

In the United States, UPS Express Critical provides a large array of expedited services for the healthcare and life sciences industries including the transport of life-enhancing and life-saving tissue, biological specimen and organs. UPS Express Critical also partners with aerospace and manufacturing clients to ensure the timely delivery of parts that keep engines running, planes flying and production lines moving.

”With the launch of UPS Express Critical [service], our customers in Europe can now quickly find a way to get their critical shipments to their destination, balancing speed and cost. For many of our clients, speed to market determines how successfully they can reach customers and grow their business,” said Boris Dobberstein, Vice President Logistics & Distribution for UPS in Europe, Africa, the Indian Subcontinent and the Middle East.

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