UPS enhances export and import services in Central and South Vietnam

UPS enhances export and import services in Central and South Vietnam

Posted By : STAT Times 06-10-2017 00:00:00

October 6, 2017: Supply chain giant UPS has enhanced its services in 10 provinces across central and southern Vietnam. The transit times for export and import shipments moving within Asia from two days to one, and improved shipment times from Europe from three days to two. In addition, the cut-off times for pick-up have been extended by up to three hours.

“As a trade enabler, UPS is focused on reducing barriers for businesses looking to engage in cross-border commerce,” said Daryl Tay, managing director of UPS Vietnam. “The Vietnamese government has expressed a commitment to pursue the 6.7 percent GDP growth target. Positive discussions are taking place around easing inter- and intra-regional trade with the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP) and European Union-Vietnam Free Trade Agreement (EVFTA). We remain confident that trade will continue to flourish with Vietnam’s growing middle class and shifts in manufacturing.”

UPS also recently enhanced services in 9 Northern provinces. Now, Vietnamese customers in a total of 19 provinces across the country will benefit from greater control over import and export shipments with time-definite express and freight delivery services; better shipment visibility; improved regulatory compliance and increased efficiency with technology solutions like UPS Paperless invoice.

“Suppliers are under increasing pressure to provide more products and services of higher quality, at greater speed, and at lower cost. By offering later export cut-off times and improved transit times, UPS’s customers in Vietnam can extend their production lead times to process more orders and still deliver goods to satisfy their end-consumers’ needs,” Tay added.

“When combined with UPS’s broad range of logistics solutions, retail, high tech, industrial and automotive manufacturers can maintain an agile and robust supply chain while enjoying competitive advantages in the international marketplace.”

UPS’s latest expansion of the UPS Worldwide Express Plus service saw its earlier morning deliveries expanded to 28 new countries including Vietnam, and enhanced in 25 existing countries including China, Japan and the UK.

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