Turkish Cargo, a division of Turkish Airlines, uses the flight network and fleet of its parent company Air Cargo

Turkish Cargo starts weekly perishables service between Istanbul and Liege

Turkish Cargo to transport perishables to Europe, starts weekly service to Liege

Posted By : STAT Times 14-02-2018 15:29:00

February 14, 2018: Turkish Cargo, a subsidiary of Turkish Airlines, recently kicked of its weekly freight services to the Liege Airport to transport perishables to Europe.

Turkish Cargo will mainly transport perishable goods to the European market. It includes France, Germany and Belgium. Aviapartner will handle the freight cargo for the airline.

Steven Verhasselt, commercial vice president of Liege Airport said: “We have given priority to companies, which specialises in cargo. In 2017, we transported 717,000 tonnes of air cargo, which was a record for us. We are expecting to exceed the 800,000 tonnes mark in 2018. The Turkish market is quite important for us, and is ideally situated at the crossroads of Europe, Asia and Africa.”

“Our cargo company has witnessed a strong growth in the global goods transport sector,” said ?lker Ayc?, CEO of Turkish Airlines.

“We already have services across 80 destinations, and our ambition is to link 120 countries in the future. Our cargo subsidiary is also aiming to figure in the top five global companies, as we hope to handle 1.5 million tonnes of cargo of by the end of 2018.”

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