SF Airlines launches two new freight routes

SF Airlines launches two new freight routes

Posted By : STAT Times 12-10-2017 00:00:00

October 12, 2017: SF Airlines has launched two freight routes - round trip between Fuzhou and Hangzhou and between Zhengzhou and Wuxi on September 12, 2017. The transit time of shipments between East China and Zhengzhou, Fuzhou, as well as their radiation areas is expected to speed up by 0.5 working days. With the landing of a Boeing 737 all-cargo aircraft of SF Airlines in Fuzhou Airport, the number of SF Airlines’ destinations in China has increased to 38.

Rongcheng (Fuzhou) is one of the three Free Trade Experimental Zones in Fujian Province, and it is also an important gateway to the Maritime Silk Road. Hangzhou is the national aviation hub of SF Express, and an important distribution centre for air transport in East China. The company has deployed the Boeing 737 all-cargo aircraft on the route between Fuzhou and Hangzhou. There are five flights per week. The new route will further improve the distribution of freight routes between the East China regions, stimulate the shipment distribution potential of Hangzhou hub, and enhance the air express shipment circulating efficiency and service quality in Fuzhou and its radiation areas.

The 2017 BRIC Summit has just come to an end. As one of the hosting cities, Fuzhou will face more development opportunities. The all-cargo aircraft route in Fuzhou is expected to help the development of the local aviation logistics industry and provide better logistics services for domestic and foreign investment cooperation.

Zhengzhou and Wuxi are important transport hubs in Central China and East China. The second freight route between Zhengzhou and Wuxi enhances the connectivity in Central China.

Photo: First Boeing 737 all-cargo aircraft of SF Airlines landed in Fuzhou Airport

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