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Rhenus aims to shore up its presence in South America

Rhenus acquires Brazilian customs clearance broker Pirâmide SeaAir

Posted By : STAT Times 12-01-2018 19:29:00

January 12 2018: In a strategic move to bolster its network in Brazil, Rhenus Group recently acquired Pirmide SeaAir Comrcio Exterior.

In addition to the company headquarters in the major city of So Paulo, Pirmide SeaAir has branches at Guarulhos and Viracopos airports as well as the port of Santos.

Pirmide SeaAir has been operating as a licenced customs clearance broker for over two decades, and has developed its own customs clearance software for this purpose.

As a result of the acquisition, Rhenus can now operate classic freight forwarding services, and offer greater efficiency in providing advice and completing customs clearance for imports and exports.

"Customs clearance for imports is a major focus of operations in Brazil. It often determines whether goods are handled smoothly in conjunction with the public authorities or not. As a result of the customs clearance expertise available with Pirmide SeaAir, we'll be able to offer our customers here special time benefits and value added in future," said Jrn Schmersahl, CEO of Rhenus Air & Ocean Europe & Americas.

The Rhenus Group is now strengthening its presence in Central and South America too as a result of the takeover, following its strong growth in Asia during the past few years.

"Brazil is a growth engine and generates about half the economic power in South America. We're sure that Brazil will not only be important for exporting investment and consumer goods in future, but also become increasingly significant as a production site and regional centre," said Schmersahl.

The Brazilian company will initially operate in the market place using the Rhenus-Piramide brand. The first shipments through the European LCL gateway in Hilden commenced in January.

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