DHL introduces suite of semiconductor logistics solutions

DHL introduces suite of semiconductor logistics solutions

Posted By : STAT Times 31-07-2017 00:00:00

July 31, 2017: Logistics giant DHL has launched suite of semiconductor logistics solutions. Its suite of services covers the entire value chain from inbound to manufacturing facilities through to final distribution to end users and provides end to end visibility of products, full compliance with international regulations and maximum security of sensitive and high value goods.

"With more than 3,000 dedicated employees and 50 facilities worldwide, we have built extensive infrastructure and expertise for the semiconductor industry. With our new offer, we connect DHL's broad capabilities, enabling us to individually service our customers along their complete supply chain in a cost-efficient way. This becomes crucial for an industry that requires special logistics to be a competitive differentiator," said Rob Siegers, president, DHL Technology Sector.

In combination with increased merger and acquisition activities, growth coming from automotive and industrial applications as well as wearable consumer devices, changes in manufacturing and supply networks are common. DHL's new suite of semiconductor logistics services addresses this development and is designed to improve flexibility and agility of semiconductor supply chains.

As part of DHL Semiconductor Logistics, DHL is launching a Global Capital Support Centre with dedicated teams in Europe, Asia Pacific and the US. These teams are experienced in the unique handling and transportation requirements for the movement of capital equipment. Key features include 24/7 proactive monitoring supported by a specifically designed IT solution leveraging the latest Internet of Things developments.

Intel's Christine Boles, general manager of the Internet of Things, Industrial & Energy, Smart Building Division, stated, "The support and insight provided by DHL as we developed the Intel Connected Logistics Platform has been very valuable. Our Logistics operations have in turn been providing input into the development of DHL's Global Capital Support Centre. We look forward to reaping the rewards of a more advanced transportation visibility solution and a support centre designed specifically for capital shipments."

"In light of the challenges the industry is facing when it comes to supply chain management, the new center allows us to provide our customers with a truly holistic view of their supply chain and effectively manage their logistic needs," explains Doug Whaley, Semiconductor Business Development, DHL Customer Solutions & Innovation.

"Together with the data on our customers' logistics movements, we can identify potential issues early and consistently optimise logistics costs."

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