Chicago Rockford Airport sees increase in passenger and cargo volumes in 2016

Chicago Rockford Airport sees increase in passenger and cargo volumes in 2016

Posted By : STAT Times 07-03-2017 00:00:00

Mar 07, 2017: The Chicago Rockford International Airport (RFD) has released its annual passenger and cargo statistics for 2016. Passenger traffic has increased by 9,132 in 2016 while cargo traffic has increased 126,848,770 pounds.

RFD has handled 922,690,000 pounds of cargo from January to December 2016 compared to 795,841,230 handled from January to December 2015. This represents an increase of 15.9 percent in 2016 compared to 2015.

This is a direct result of ABX starting operations out of RFD on September 9, 2016. Currently, ABX is serving three flights a day and will add a fourth flight beginning March 1. UPS added two additional flights a week during the last quarter of 2016 which helped increase the overall landed weight.

RFD has served more than 2,609,500 million passengers since the return of air service in 2003. This year marked a significant 4.2 percent increase, in part due to Allegiant service adding capacity on the Punta Gorda, Mesa, and Clearwater routes. Punta Gorda saw the greatest increase with 3,478 more seats available in 2016.

“These numbers support that fact that we are committed to taking well-calculated and thought out risks to ensure RFD remains one of the strongest economic drivers in the region. We will continue to proactively identify and seek out leisure passenger destinations and cargo partnerships,” said Mike Dunn, executive director, RFD.

RFD is served by two airlines:  Allegiant and Apple Vacations. RFD serves eight non-stop destinations including Cancun, Ft. Myers, Jamaica, Las Vegas, Orlando, Phoenix, Punta Cana and Tampa Bay.

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