CEVA and Goodpack partner to deliver unique solutions for tire customers

CEVA and Goodpack partner to deliver unique solutions for tire customers

Posted By : STAT Times 16-06-2017 00:00:00

Jun 16, 2017: CEVA Logistics has signed MoU with Goodpack, which operates the world's largest fleet of Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBCs), to use Goodpack's steel containers for both transportation and storage of tires across Asia, North America and Australia, whereby Goodpack will be the sole supplier to CEVA.

Under the terms of the MOU both companies will work collaboratively with their customers to maximise usage of the IBCs not only in the transport of finished goods but all other elements of the supply chain.

"Many tire customers are under pressure from Governments and the environmental lobby to come up with solutions for improving their footprint when it comes to the impact which tires can have.  This new initiative will enable us to be more efficient, reduce the number of empty IBC movements globally and greatly reduce the customer's carbon footprint," states CEVA's executive vice president automotive sector, Antonio Fondevilla.

Tire shipments around the world are often complicated movements, characterised by short order-to-delivery cycles. These cycles can now be extended, thereby saving costs through extending their reach into these new areas. 

Moving forward CEVA's long-established specialist tire teams around the world will further develop the company's IT systems to extend their capabilities into this new business area to provide a fully visible, reliable data source to customers. This will also be further enhanced with Goodpack’s IBCs that are equipped with RFID technology.

Michael Liew, deputy CEO of Goodpack, adds, "Over the past years Goodpack has become the leader in global natural and synthetic rubber packaging market with our Intermediate Bulk Container solutions.  We are excited to partner CEVA to expand our global footprint developing opportunities in the tire logistics arena. Both Goodpack and CEVA are dedicated to delivering our shared vision of a comprehensive solution which creates value and increases efficiencies.  This collaboration establishes our commitment to continue nurturing world class partnerships with our customers and suppliers".

Photo:  L to R are Antonio Fondevilla, EVP Automotive sector Global, CEVA Logistics,  Charis Chua, Manager, Strategic projects, Goodpack, Thomas Ong, Director, Synthetic Rubber Solution Goodpack, Dave Dudek, SVP, Head of Staff and business programme, CEVA Logistics, Glenda Lee, Director Supply chain solutions, CEVA Logistics, Michael Liew, Deputy CEO, Goodpack, Elaine Low, EVP, South East Asia and Madhu Thiricode, Director – Global Tires Sub Sector CEVA Logistics

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