Bollore transports 400 tonnes of project cargo for Chinese EPC using Antonov charters

Bollore transports 400 tonnes of project cargo for Chinese EPC using Antonov charters

Posted By : STAT Times 01-11-2017 00:00:00

November 1, 2017: Bollore Logistics North China had handled a large consignment for a Chinese Engineering, Procurement, and Construction (EPC) company using cargo charter flights.

The oil and gas shipment includes four lots of compressors and valve skids with a total combined weight of more than 400 tonnes. The four lots had to be airlifted from Calgary airport (YYC) to Mary airport (MYP) in Turkmenistan.

The Charter Department based in Bollore Logistics headquarters in Puteaux, France, selected the Antonov aircraft AN124-100 to complete this project. Bollore’s charter director and engineers together with Antonov engineers only had four weeks to plan operations and carefully take all technical constraints and parameters into account.

"Efficient communication between Antonov Airlines and Bollore Logistics China, along with support from their offices in Canada and France ensured the seamless execution of the project," said Paul Bingley, commercial manager, Antonov Airlines.

The heaviest piece of equipment was 81.5 tonnes with dimensions 1,340 x 530 x 416cm. The height proved to be a significant challenge as the clearance was only a few millimeters but the solutions provided by Bollore Logistics and Antonov allowed the customer to avoid additional disassembly and re-assembly of the scrubbers on site by loading the compressors with the scrubbers fully assembled.

The first flight departed on August 17 with a payload reaching the maximum safely possible on the aircraft (total 115 tonnes + 6.7 tonnes of ramps and loading equipment). Because of the payload, the aircraft had to refuel in Winnipeg, Goose Bay, Keflavik, Leipzig and Esenboga to reach Mary.

The fourth and last flight landed in Mary and was discharged on September 17. All four charters were successfully handled by Bollore Logistics and Antonov safely, on time and within budget.

The control tower for this project was Bollore Logistics North China. They managed to satisfy all of the customer's requests – engineering, technical and commercial challenges – by relying on the expertise of Bollore Logistics' Charter Director and the excellent support from Bollore Logistics Calgary for all land operations from the factory to Calgary airport and safe lifting of the compressors on the aircrafts' ramps.

Such critical project involving our entities in China, France and Canada once again reminds us of the excellent teamwork that is required to successfully perform and exceed our customers' expectations.

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