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Customers give Rent The Runway a dressing down

Clothing and home décor rental service Rent The Runway (RTR) is having a hard time pacifying its subscribers for delays caused because of what they call a ‘technical upgrade’. It’s a classic case of a logistics decision gone wrong, c

Why has Finnair launched Push for Change?

Environmental cost is a growing focus in the air freight industry and the big players are putting more emphasis on long-term strategies that mitigate the environmental impacts of global trade. Milla Nyholm shares Push for Change, a unique s

Reach for the skies: New plane increases efficiency of WFP emergency response in flood-hit Mozambique

During disasters like Mozambique, where the cyclone and floodwaters cut off towns and destroy roads and bridges, air transport is often the fastest way to bring in food and relief material. WFP’s UNHAS with its partners' Logistics Cluster

To excel you need to work together

To achieve common goals and to excel in the industry it is imperative that we work together and collaborate with every stakeholder. Roos Bakker writes on how Schiphol is working with its cargo community to help and enhance flower transport

For the love of Vintage

What it takes to fly a 1904 Napier Limousine vintage car with a 45 bhp engine, which is listed in the 9th category of Dangerous Goods defined by IATA, from India to London for The London Classic Car Show. Ravi Chauhan details what went behi

The Middle Power

Despite blockade, the freight division of Doha-based Qatar Airways is making huge progress, certainly at a higher cost. But QR Cargo could soon be the world's top cargo carrier It is difficult to miss the conspicuous image of the oryx

Change is hard, but it will be worth it

While there are fundamental differences between the passenger and freight/logistics sector, the one that is too visible now is the pace at which both the sectors are moving into the digital age.Especially when it comes to adopting new tech

Look at long term growth projections, says Glyn Hughes of IATA

For the month of June the International Air Transport Association (IATA) reported 2.7 percent global growth in demand for airfreight measured in freight tonne kilometers (FTKs). This is less than half the rate reported for the same period l

Drones reaching new heights

The gap between human and computer control of a flight have narrowed speedily in the past few years as more and more innovative drone manufacturers test the boundaries of autonomous technologies. Lack of pilots and the growth of e-commerce

Logistics beyond tomorrow

There has been a paradigm shift in the way logistics is perceived. The future calls for gravity defying logistics. Logistics was considered as a mundane activity but it will be an amalgamation of frontier technologies like robotics, aerospa

DHL Global Trade Barometer hints robust growth in global trade

The outlook of the world trade has continued to improve. The DHL Global Trade Barometer increased to 66 points in March, from 64 points in January. With an index value above 50, the DHL Global Trade Barometer has signaled a firm and positi

Investing to shape the future of logistics industry

Panalpina is one of the world’s leading providers of supply chain solutions operating in 70 countries. It is the first logistics company to join European Remanufacturing Council (an initiative to make remanufacturing a normal part of a pr

Cross-border ecommerce is the new growth buzzword ticking the world

Cross-border e-commerce is fast evolving as a vehicle of growth, thanks to the exponential spur in the online retail sales, which currently stands twice the domestic e-commerce, said a report titled ‘The 21st Century  Spice Trade’relea

Experts explore opportunities for the competitive narrow-body freighter landscape @CFS 2017

The 23rd edition of Cargo Facts Symposium (CFS) held in Miami witnessed massive representation from the air cargo fraternity. High profile panelists on the forum discussed the growth of the air cargo market in 2017 and the freighter convers

Experts address key technology platforms shaping the future of logistics @ Elevate 2017

Blockchain, Big Data and other cutting-edge next generation technological innovations for logistics were the hot topics of discussion at the recently concluded Elevate 2017 held in Miami. The conference agenda was packed - ranging from best

Finnair goes green; taps solar energy to power cargo hub

Globally, industries are taking initiatives to tap into green energy as part of their long-term sustainability strategy. Airlines, airports, supply chain companies, you name the stakeholders in the air cargo value-chain, the number is on t

Mumbai Airport to have half a million-tonne capacity pharma terminal

As the dynamic growth of Indian pharma industry positions it as the third largest pharmaceuticals market in the world in terms of value and eleventh largest in terms of volume, the healthcare cold chain logistics market is being analyzed t

Crane does its big lift for Hurricane Harvey affected Houston

At landfall Hurricane Harvey had winds in excess of 130 miles per hour, which placed it as a major Category 4 Hurricane, tying for the 18th strongest hurricane on landfall in the US since 1851 and ninth strongest in Texas. As one of the la

How natural catastrophes cripple global supply chain

Hurricane Irma: Naples Airport slammed, causing millions in damagesHurricane Harvey floods Houston airports, strands local passengersTorrential Mumbai rains cause airport shutdownHong Kong shuts down as powerful typhoon sweeps pastFlooding

Air cargo taking off on the digital pad

The air cargo industry has been undergoing, and will continue to undergo, a major transformation in the way it handles information writes Dheeraj KohliThe rise of information technology and the advent of the digital world have disrupted all

Pilotless planes is the way forward, minus the mass apprehension

Maunesh DhuriOver the next 100 years, the world will witness several changes that shall have sweeping ramifications on the way we communicate, conduct business, and commute. One such technology that is at the cusp of transforming air travel

Southwest African lions fly across the Atlantic aboard TAP Portugal

On 26 April, four lions born at Lisbon Zoo left their home for a new life. After flying over 8000 kilometres over two days, they were placed in their new habitat at the Pomerode Zoo, in Brazil. These four special passengers arrived on a Ta

Gerber says India is interesting and important for Lufthansa Cargo

Close on the heels of announcing fairly positive financial numbers for the first half of 2017, Lufthansa Cargo chief executive and chairman of the executive board Peter Gerber held a press conference in Mumbai to formally announce the laun

Boeing to "wait and watch"; India's Udan scheme

Globally, the aviation industry as a whole is on a high note. Riding on the green shoots seen in aviation segment is reflected in the orders going up considerably. While the world is recovering, India has moved to a bullish pace, and that

The seven critical steps to successful warehouse automation

Neil AdcockOmnichannel retailers are turning their attentions to warehouse automation. The reasons may be all too apparent, but the path to a successful project is not so obvious, writes Neil Adcock. Why are omnichannel retailers suddenly t

Decongesting logistic hubs with digitisation

In a supply chain, logistics hubs are the junction points which witness the maximum action. These are the trans-shipment hotspots where massive volumes of cargo converge, are reassigned, and are then sent on their way to the consignee. Air

For Halifax Stanfield, focus is on freighter activity to Asia, Europe

Halifax Stanfield International Airport is Atlantic Canada’s principal full-service airport providing passengers and cargo clients with access to markets across the globe. The Halifax International Airport Authority (HIAA) is a Canad

Robotics and the click-to-ship revolution

Robots have always been considered as futuristic. The reality is that they are entering the here-and-now in a significant and transformative way — and nowhere more so than in the modern warehouse, writes Simon Cooper.Across all walks

New India-Afghan air freight corridor strengthens the ties

Opening a new air freight route may not have excited a country to this extend in a normal course. But the two nations involved - India and Afghanistan - made all the difference. Why? The reason is simple; it could be called as India's

Saudia Cargo turns its focus on high yield temperature sensitive cargo

From dry goods to perishables to pharma, Saudia Cargo has been continuously enhancing its product offerings and quality of service to its customers. Pharma has been an important product category for the carrier, and it has been using the

It’s time for Air India to get out of the mess

The news item that appeared in Indian papers on May 17, 2017, on the possible sale of the Air India has prompted me to write this piece. The government of India apparently has entrusted NITI Aayog (National Institution for Transforming In

Government of India developing common IT platform for air cargo industry

The Ministry of Civil Aviation of government of India is preparing to launch a common information technology platform to streamline country’s air cargo industry. The common IT platform, according to India’s civil aviation secr

AirBridgeCargo invests more in Europe-US air cargo market

The EU-United States economic relationship accounts for a large share of global trade in goods and services. In support of the increasing level of business in the regions, major air cargo player AirBridgeCargo continues to invest in the si

Digistics, the solution with unbeatable ROI

Digistics by Unisys is a cargo solution that leverages digital technologies by simplifying business process and automating them to make the cargo business easier and more reliable. It helps carriers improve agility and process thereby offe

Laptop ban on board, customers may leave out affected airlines

In the modern era, it's hard for anyone to part with their electronic gadgets even when one is on board a aircraft. The new rule imposed by the US and the UK came in as a shocker to the passengers, but thanks to the operators who tur

Lufthansa Cargo and GRADLYN take utmost care of ‘special passengers’

Two Mesopotamian fallow deer – lovingly referred to as "Mesos" – were flown from the Opel Zoo in Kronberg, Germany, to their final destination Jerusalem Biblical Zoo. After the Mesopotamian fallow deer had been eradicated in the

Construction of first full scale passenger Hyperloop capsule underway; delivery likely in early 2018

Hyperloop Transportation Technologies (HTT) has begun construction of the first full scale passenger Hyperloop capsule. The company claims that this capsule is the culmination of over three years and thousands of hours of design, research a

Oman Air Cargo eyes increased frequencies to high yield/demand destinations in 2017

Oman Air Cargo is in the process of launching a number of specialised products for high yield sectors and is increasing scheduled frequencies to and from high load stations as a hedge against the current market scenario. Mohammed Al Musafir

Diverse cross border e-tailers have potential to Go Global

Cross border e-commerce is growing quickly, everyday millions of purchases are made online, and shipments are being delivered to consumers at their door step. Consumers are increasingly becoming more comfortable with the idea of buying onli

Working towards bridging the world’s major pharmaceutical trade lanes: Ulrich Ogiermann, Qatar Airways Cargo

Qatar Airways Cargo recently announced the launch of additional Pharma Express flights from the pharmaceutical hubs of Basel and Brussels to Doha, providing a unique and dedicated air service to the growing pharmaceutical industry. With an

Our goal is to be more efficient on customer needs and adapt to changes that the industry requires: Cristián Ureta, LATAM Cargo

Latin America based major carrier LATAM Cargo has added new FLEX product to its portfolio of services last year to ensure consistent delivery throughout their entire international network. Cristián Ureta, CEO of LATAM Cargo, speaks t

CEIV's community approach and idea of certified trade lanes appealed to us: RIOgaleão's Patrick Fehring

RIOgaleão, Rio de Janeiro’s international airport, was recently conferred the CEIV Pharma certification by IATA thus becoming the first airport in the Americas to be CEIV-certified. Patrick Fehring, Director, Aero Business &

E-commerce is evolving and maturing, has huge potential: Mark Whitehead, Hactl

It was a demanding 2016 for the air freight industry, but the year emerged better than some of the players had actually expected. E-commerce is being seen as a potential segment that has been evolving and maturing with time. In an interview

Air freight industry needs to balance yields with increasing fuel price: Nabil Sultan

The global air cargo industry faced a challenging 2016 due to falling yields and over capacity, even though the sector saw a modest growth in tonnage. According to the International Air Transport Association (IATA), there is some optimism o

Stakeholders in the air cargo supply chain must come together to achieve common goals, says TIACA's new chief

The International Air Cargo Association (TIACA), global trade association, works with the air cargo and logistics stakeholders to support measures that are effective, workable, and affordable, and that create minimal disruption to the vital

Amazon does first successful Prime Air drone delivery

On December 14 Jeff Bezos, founder of Amazon, announced on Twitter the first ever successful commercial delivery by PrimeAir, a delivery system from Amazon designed to safely get packages to customers in 30 minutes or less usin

Honeywell Aerospace GoDirect is the shortest route to reliable service

We have all had the frustrating experiences of not remembering a login or password to an account that you need access, only to be led down a path of confusing reset actions that eventually lead to another set of credentials you are sure to

3D Printing to disrupt the future of supply chain

Logistics giant DHL recently released its report on '3D Printing and the Future of Supply Chains'. The trend report offers perspectives on the state of 3D printing and implications for logistics. The much discussed trend ‘3D

ICAO rolls out initiatives to keep pace with rapid global growth

Dr Fang Liu was elected as the Secretary General of the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) by its 36-State Governing Council to a three-year term, beginning 2015. ICAO is a UN specialised agency, established by States in 1944

Logistics must ensure a smooth ride for Africa’s flower industry

It is estimated that for the African flower exporters, particularly those in Kenya, one of the world’s largest exporter of cut roses, the cost of logistics is anywhere between 40 to 60 percent of the total cost. This is humongous. Gro
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