Rhenus and Sankyo set up joint venture for logistics in Japan

Rhenus and Sankyo set up joint venture for logistics in Japan

Posted By : STAT Times 11-07-2016 00:00:00

July 11, 2016: The Rhenus Group and Sankyo Corporation set up the joint venture known as Rhenus Sankyo Logistics K.K. on June 23.

The joint venture will mainly handle imports and exports to and from Japan, but also provide domestic services like distribution and warehousing in the country. In addition to their individual expertise, Rhenus and Sankyo are also introducing existing Japanese business to the joint firm.

Sankyo is part of the Fujiki Group, a network of firms with more than 20 companies in Japan and worldwide. Rhenus Asia and the American Sankyo subsidiary Clearfreight have already been working together for many years.

The excellent level of cooperation is now set to be expanded in the joint venture, where Rhenus holds two thirds of the shares.

“Japan is the fourth largest importer and exporter in the world. Because of its specific business culture, however, it’s difficult for foreign companies to establish a foothold in the market; so an experienced local partner is an enormous support. The Sankyo Corporation is a renowned company in Japan and will enable us to expand our Asia-Pacific network,” says Tobias Bartz, a member of the Rhenus Board, giving the reasons for the cooperation arrangement.

The companies within the Fujiki Group mainly specialise in port services, multimodal distribution services and transport operations. In addition to the largest shareholder, Fujiki, other companies like NYK, Mitsubishi Logistics and Mitsui O.S.K. Lines have holdings in Sankyo.

“The Rhenus Group persuaded us, primarily because of its corporate philosophy and its logistics expertise. Our successful cooperation in the past has been based on professionalism, quality and mutual trust. We’d now like to go one step further with the joint establishment of this company,” says Kozo Fujiki, president and executive director of the Sankyo Corporation.

Photo: From left to right: Wataru Miyara, general manager Rhenus Sankyo Logistics K.K.; Takao Furukawa, senior managing director, Sankyo Corporation; Kozo Fujiki, president and excecutive director, Sankyo Corporation; Klemens Rethmann, CEO, Rhenus; Tobias Bartz, member of the Rhenus Board, and Andreas Loewenstein, president, Rhenus Sankyo Logistics K.K.

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