ALE provides enhanced harbour crane solutions

ALE provides enhanced harbour crane solutions

Posted By : STAT Times 06-07-2016 00:00:00

July 06, 2016: ALE’s Middle East branch are currently managing the delivery of port cranes including ship to shore cranes (STS), rubber tyred gantry crane (RTGs), rail mounted gantry cranes (RMGs) and carriers to the industry.

These enhanced services are working across multiple regions that specialise in the mechanical and electrical assembly, modification, extensions or inspections, movement over land and by sea and installation of all types of cranes.

With a specialist crane division based in Abu Dhabi, UAE, acting as the hub for managing the assembly of these harbour crane projects globally, ALE can provide extended services to include assembly, modifications, service and maintenance.

Recently, the team has performed projects for STS and RTG cranes in Kuwait, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Togo and Guatemala.

“By providing specific technical expertise, our Middle East Division provides an enhanced service for our clients that goes beyond our standard operations,” said Ronnie Adams, senior project manager for ALE.

“We have performed these type of operations for several years managed out of Middle East; our expertise has now reached Africa and the Central and South America markets. Following the successful completion of container crane work in Guatemala, we have also secured contracts for work across the region in Barbados, Peru and Mexico.”

Photo: Movement of a 1,200 tonne container crane in Abu Dhabi, UAE

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