Cool chain excellence - the future of perishable logistics

Cold chain services that support perishable food distribution globally are estimated to be valued at nearly $250 billion. And if the world had a properly functioning cold chain, food losses due to perishables shipping can be brought down to just 2 per cent.

Given the critical need for a better dialogue between the logistics sector and perishable producers and shippers, the Cool Chain Association and The STAT Trade Times is hosting the Global CCA Perishable Conference, this time in the African continent. The conference aims to address the latest trends in temperature-controlled logistics, to find innovative solutions to common challenges and tackle issues related to trade barriers, infrastructure and distribution involved in perishables transportation.

The Global CCA Perishable Conference, to be held on June 26, 2017 in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia will open dialogue and offer a platform for exchange of ideas, knowledge and solutions to improve the perishables supply chain.

The one-day session invites perishable logistics and transport professionals from around the world to discuss and develop scalable, sustainable solutions to expand and improve the cold chain. The conference also seeks to explore key macro-economic, trade and supply chain trends worldwide, as well as new niche opportunities.

In addition, the Global CCA Perishable Conference also aims to develop cold chain skills and infrastructure within the African continent. Bringing under one roof, global and regional providers of cold chain logistics, transport services and infrastructure to meet with Africa’s perishable producers and shippers, the conference looks at identifying new opportunities that will allow African countries to compete in global markets.

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