Chris Chapman honoured STAT Times Lifetime Achievement Award

Chris Chapman honoured STAT Times Lifetime Achievement Award

Posted By : STAT Times 24-02-2016 00:00:00

Feb 24, 2016: “I am honoured to have been given this award and that you even remembered me,” said Chris Chapman in a prerecorded video message after being given the Lifetime Achievement Award at the STAT Times International Award for Excellence in Air Cargo during the sixth edition of AIR CARGO INDIA in Mumbai on Wednesday February 24.

“After over 50 years hanging around the aviation industry and most of that time on the cargo side I still miss it. Although I don’t miss the phone calls at 3 in the morning when something has gone wrong,” he says.

Making a reference to India, a country close to his heart and one that he has visited many times over the years, he says: “I am heartened to see that your economy is very much on the rebound and I sincerely hope this bodes well for everyone here today and my fervent hope is that it continues to expand as India is such a hard-working and deserving country.”

Russi Batliwala, the chief executive officer of Chapman Freeborn, received the award on behalf of Chris Chapman, who is enjoying his much deserved holiday in Morocco with his daughter.

“It feels good to be recognised. I have known Chris for 30 years as he is charismatic, well travelled and have known what he was before founding Chapman Freeborn,” said Batliwala about Chris after after collecting the award on his behalf.

The award was given away at a glittering evening of fun, entertainment and pageantry in the presence of air cargo professional from around the world.

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