CEVA Logistics implements new US customs brokerage system

CEVA Logistics implements new US customs brokerage system

Posted By : STAT Times 03-02-2016 00:00:00

Feb 03, 2016: CEVA Logistics, one of the world’s largest supply chain management companies, has completed the implementation of a new customs brokerage system across its US operation.

CEVA initiated the move to introduce state-of-the-art systems following a mandate from US Customs which requires all forwarders to file their entries using ACE (the Automated Commercial Environment) by the end of February this year. At that time, ACE becomes the primary system through which the trade community, including forwarders must report all imports and exports. “With our start-up on November 3, we were one of the first large brokers in the industry to comply with the new regulations immediately following customs originally-mandated ACE implementation date of November 1.  Our implementation with CargoWise One, offering full ACE functionality, is a major step forward for our business,” states Jane Pedersen Sorensen, vice president Customs Brokerage & Import Services, CEVA Logistics.

CargoWise One operates on cloud-based technology. Next, CEVA will launch its customer portal which will allow importers to better manage their business with CEVA and achieve transparent customs clearance information.

CEVA began work on its new link to ACE in 2014 when it selected Wise Tech Global and its CargoWise One program as the system with which to link its internal software such as CEVA Matrix OFS and Navigator, to provide a more user-friendly, modern platform for users. The project has removed a number of legacy systems and synchronised all current IT interfaces and customer links. Sorensen adds, “It was a bit like tearing down an old home and rebuilding it without the benefit of all the historic plans.  It was a challenging yet such a valuable project. Our Brokerage team deserves real credit for their outstanding dedication and a wonderfully smooth outcome.  We are delighted with the new system and the fact that we’re ready in advance of Customs’ new deadline of February 28.”

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