Brussels Airlines looks back at a successful 2015

Brussels Airlines looks back at a successful 2015

Posted By : STAT Times 17-03-2016 00:00:00

Mar 17, 2016: With the commercial success, the successful repositioning in the market and ongoing cost control, Brussels Airlines can look back on a successful 2015 which ended with a net profit of 41.3 million euros.

"Our efforts to make Brussels Airlines an attractive, dynamic and competitive airline has paid off in the past year," says CEO Bernard Gustin.

Brussels Airlines’ turnover increased by 6.9 percent to a total of 1.274 billion euro. After a break-even in 2014, the higher turnover, together with a significant cost reduction in 2015, has resulted in an operating profit of 43.1 million euro and a net profit of 41.3 million euro. The European network as well as the African and Trans-Atlantic flights were profitable in 2015.

The low fuel price has had a positive impact on the results, but it would be wrong to assume this is the most important factor.

Other external cost elements such as the strong dollar and increased air traffic control taxes have diminished the beneficial effect of the fuel price.

"Our results show that Brussels Airlines is successfully transforming into a modern, future-proof airline that welcomes more customers each month. I am very grateful to our staff for their dedication, which contributes to this result," said Gustin.

Brussels Airlines significantly strengthened its network and its market position in 2015. In total, 14 new destinations were launched last year, two aircraft joined the fleet and the offer increased with 668,000 additional seats.

The financial results of 2015 lay the foundation for the growth strategy that Brussels Airlines will continue in 2016.

The expansion leads to additional employment. In total, 240 additional jobs will be created in Belgium this year. "We are more than ever a key economic player for our country that connects Belgium better than ever to the rest of the world and creates employment,” says Bernard Gustin.

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