LATAM Cargo launches new product range FLEX for international market

LATAM Cargo launches new product range FLEX for international market

Posted By : STAT Times 21-09-2016 00:00:00

Sept 21, 2016: LATAM Cargo has launched a new product portfolio combining speed and different attributes of cargo handling. The new portfolio will offer up to 19 combinations that specifically address each shipment’s needs.

The new portfolio of LATAM Cargo is not only characterized by the range of alternatives available for every shipment, but also clear promises designed to meet the needs of its customers."The factor that most influenced our new product portfolio is the current needs of our customers.We designed our products aligning these needs with our commercial strategy, which is based on agility, reliability and trust.Through this product portfolio, with clearly defined service standards, we seek the stable preference of our clients,"said CristiánUreta, CEO of LATAM Cargo.

Starting October 1, the new portfolio will initially be available for cargo originating in North America and Europe, while in South America implementation will take place gradually and will be concluded during the first quarter of 2017.

Specialized products LATAM Cargo has the strongest air freight network in Latin America and one of its most sought-after capabilities is the capacity of its network. This enables the company to offer its clients a broad connection from, to and within the region."The company also considered its network when designing its portfolio",emphasized Gabriel Oliva, Senior Vice President Development, Alliances & Marketing,while concluding that "all factors combined led us to a highly specialized portfolio, with products such as PHARMA, for transporting pharmaceutical products; ALIVE, for live animals; and PROTECT, for vulnerable cargo”.


Services for every need The new portfolio enables customers to access new and innovative routing and pricing options, further customizing their experience.Apart from the already well-known LATAM Cargo’s STANDARD, a convenient and reliable solution for international shipments on all domestic and international routes, and EXPRESS,the premium service designed for critical and urgent shipments, the carrier now also offersthe new FLEX service."This service not only represents an alternative in terms of price and speed, but it is also a pioneering effort in the region and involves the development of a system that enables us to ensure the fulfillment of our promise to customers," said Oliva.

FLEX is a low-cost and reliable solution for shipments that need to arrive at the destination within a more flexible deadline but that also promises a maximum transittime."FLEX will have a maximum transit time of two, three or four days, depending on the origin-destination and clients’ preference" explained Oliva.

Internal transformation To ensure the success of the new product portfolio, LATAM Cargo underwent an internal transformation over the course of a 2-year period. During this time, the company developed new processes, systems and structures, as well as modified those already existing in order to meet the current needs of customers.

One of the new developments is an IT system that allows LATAM Cargoto manage several commitments at the same time, identifying both the service and the care option selected at the time of booking and to ensure delivery throughout the air transportation chain."The new portfolio ensures consistent delivery throughout our entire international network. The system allows us to control over each shipment and execute continuously the promise of each product as well as generate data for quality management,” assured CEO of LATAM Cargo. Gabriel Oliva added that "we trained the teams to use this systemin order to guarantee the correct delivery of our products.We also strengthened our structure by expanding the Product Management and Quality Control departments in order to analyze and implement improvements in our internal processes, systems and, ultimately, our products".

After the launch of the new product portfolio, LATAM Cargo will positionitself uniquely in the market, offering its customers a quick, reliable and unifiedservice across its extensive international network. These products, with clear promises and consistent delivery,are becoming the best option for air cargo transportation to, from and within Latin America.

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