IAG cargo deliver unique artworks to London for ‘South Africa: The Art Of A Nation’ exhibition

IAG cargo deliver unique artworks to London for ‘South Africa: The Art Of A Nation’ exhibition

Posted By : STAT Times 28-10-2016 00:00:00

Oct 28, 2016: IAG Cargo, which served as the official logistics partner of British Museum’s South African Art exhibition, has completed the transportation of 50 high profile works to London via Cape Town and Johannesburg. The artworks are among the prime attraction of the museum’s exhibition “South Africa: The Art Of A Nation” which has been thrown open to public.

The rare items travelled over 8,000 miles from South Africa to the UK, through Secure- IAG Cargo’s exceptionally high-security service designed specifically for the transportation of high value and precious cargo.

The artworks travelling under Secure included the famous Mapungubwe Gold objects from the collections of the University of Pretoria to the celebrated Magapangsat Pebble.

“We are proud to partner with the British Museum on this exhibition and to play such an integral role in helping the team deliver what promises to be a fascinating exhibition to a UK audience. Being entrusted to deliver these culturally significant art works for the British Museum is a tremendous privilege and underscores the strength of our Secure product. Following many weeks of preparation and close collaboration with the British Museum, we have successfully ensured the safe carriage of these important art works and we look forward to what promises to be a compelling illustration of South Africa’s rich history,” said Drew Crawley, CEO, IAG Cargo.

Jill Maggs, Registrar at the British Museum, said, “following IAG Cargo’s support in shipping loans for a previous exhibition from Australia to the UK for the BP exhibition ‘Indigenous Australia: Enduring Civilisation’ in 2015 we had every confidence that the highest level of care would be taken in the transportation of these invaluable art works. Some of the loans that travelled with IAG Cargo are key pieces in the exhibition, which includes some of the world’s oldest art objects and striking contemporary pieces reflecting the country’s recent past.”

“South Africa: The Art Of A Nation” exhibition will remain open till 26 February 2017. The exhibition includes over 200 artworks that explore South Africa’s 100,000 year rich artistic heritage.

IAG Cargo’s Secure product, which will be used to transport the items back to South Africa, operates across an extensive global network and dedicated, custom-designed handling areas that incorporates the very latest state-of-the-art security technology.

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