Intrepid Aviation orders B747-8F freighters

Intrepid Aviation orders B747-8F freighters

Posted By : STAT Times 12-10-2016 00:00:00

Oct 12, 2016: Intrepid Aviation has concluded a revised agreement with the Boeing Company in respect of its purchase commitment for six firm B777-300ER aircraft.

Under this revised agreement, the first two aircraft will continue to deliver new on long term lease to Philippine Airlines later this month and in December this year, as first announced in June 2015.

In respect of the remaining four aircraft, two will be cancelled and instead Intrepid will acquire from Boeing two new B747-8F freighter aircraft to be delivered in 2017 and subject to long-term lease with a current Boeing customer of the type.

And the other two will be rescheduled from late 2017 and early 2018 to first half of 2019.

“While we are confident in the long-term value proposition of the B777-300ER, we saw value for our business in converting a portion of our investment commitment with Boeing into earlier and uniquely capable B747-8F freighters on very long lease to one of the industry’s premier cargo operators,” said Doug Winter, Intrepid’s president & chief commercial officer.

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