Air Cargo India to make ‘Make in India’ happen

Air Cargo India to make ‘Make in India’ happen

Posted By : STAT Times 22-02-2016 00:00:00

Feb 22, 2016: Mumbai is about to roll out the red carpet for the sixth edition of the three day grand biennial event AIR CARGO INDIA 2016 today. Inspired by the ‘Make in India’ vision of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi AIR CARGO INDIA is themed around ‘Make in India- air cargo makes it happen’. This edition marks the tenth anniversary of the event.

“The air freight sector has a key role to play in the success of the ‘Make in India’ initiative. I hope that the deliberations and exchanges shall lead to productive outcomes,” said Modi in his message to the organisers of AIR CARGO INDIA 2016.

The campaign, designed to facilitate investment, bring in innovation and build best-in-class manufacturing infrastructure, has already attracted the attention of global companies and got commitments from some of them either to increase the existing facilities or to set up new manufacturing bases within India.

Considering the vital role of air cargo in making ‘Make in India’ happen, “Delivering the ‘Make in India’ vision to the world the air cargo way” stands out to be the priority to be discussed on the first session on February 23 at 11.00hrs which shall consist of industry experts who will provide insights on the implications of the ‘Make in India’ vision for the supply chain. It will also shed light on the role that air cargo will play as delivery time frames begin to get shorter.

Mindsets have changed and new processes have been brought in with the initiative. With this theme, the air cargo industry can also work towards a better strategy. To capitalise on the success of Make in India, the air freight sector must now go ahead to pave the way for ‘Make in India’ campaign to espouse a more realistic approach.

With AIR CARGO INDIA 2016 completing 10 years this year, the event has fostered the industry’s evolution by bringing the entire air cargo community under one platform. “This is a special occasion for us as we are completing a decade since we launched AIR CARGO INDIA in 2006. That it has sustained itself for a decade is a measure of the support we have been receiving. I am sure the event is serving its purpose as a networking platform,” said R K Patra, group editor-in- chief, STAT Media Group.

The air cargo community has already crossed huge distance in the marathon of its contribution to the world economy. Let’s hope that it maintains its pace and delivers good results.

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