CSAT signs aircraft maintenance contracts with Czech Airlines

CSAT signs aircraft maintenance contracts with Czech Airlines

Posted By : STAT Times 24-08-2016 00:00:00

Aug 24, 2016: Czech Airlines Technics (CSAT), a daughter company of the Czech Aeroholding Group, which provides aircraft maintenance services, has entered into four exclusive agreements with Czech Airlines. CSAT thus now provides the carrier with complex aircraft maintenance, i.e. with both base and line maintenance as well as components maintenance and engineering. All contracts have been entered into for a limited period of time, until June 2019.

“Czech Airlines has entrusted its aircraft to the hands of Czech Airlines Technics workers since its establishment, i.e. since 1923. Having finished the restructuring process, CSAT now offers air carriers very competitive prices. By entering into the agreement, Czech Airlines has joined other air carriers, such as GERMANIA, won over by the CSAT offer. Several parameters of the new contracts signed with Czech Airlines vary from the existing contracts in significant ways. The new contracts guarantee CSAT minimum work volumes ordered by Czech Airlines at individual product levels, define the volume and extent of the co-operation between the parties and take into account the risk of price increases in time,” Václav?eho?, Chairman of the Czech Aeroholding Board of Directors, the sole shareholder of CSAT, said adding: “Pursuant to the new contracts, CSAT will provide complex aircraft maintenance for the entire Czech Airlines fleet, comprising 17 aircraft, exclusively. According to the current plans, CSAT will thus perform 15 to 20 repairs in an average a year as part of its base maintenance services.”

The Base Maintenance Agreement governs the complex performance of all planned revisions within the Czech Airlines fleet, including occasional irregular tasks, such as fixing defects and repairing damage to aircraft bodies. The Line Maintenance Agreement includes the performance of regular checks, daily and weekly controls up to the A-Check level (the last check within line maintenance, performed based on the hours flown), fixing defects and performing additional activities connected with the aircraft technique maintenance at the Prague hub and at selected airports abroad as per Czech Airlines requests.

The Components Maintenance Agreement (maintenance of aircraft rotating parts) defines the conditions of ensuring aircraft components availability, providing their repairs and connected logistics. CSAT thus guarantees the availability of necessary components within stipulated deadlines for the entire Czech Airlines fleet, both in Prague and within the carrier’s entire network.

The Engineering Agreement covers the administration of maintenance programmes and their continued updating, follow-ups and proposals for processing new operational bulletins and directives to maintain airworthiness as well as preparation of modifications. The contract further covers planned revisions, including data archiving and certification of rotating aircraft components, reliability evaluations and drafting documentation for balancing and loading aircraft.

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