Brussels Airport showcases its innovative “Airside Pharma Transporter” at the TIACA ACF

Brussels Airport showcases its innovative “Airside Pharma Transporter” at the TIACA ACF

Posted By : STAT Times 27-10-2016 00:00:00

Oct 27, 2016: Brussels Airport has further innovated on its “Airside Pharma Transporter” enabling it to operate with solar panels so that the refrigerated unit can adopt or retain the required temperature at any time. Thanks to this innovation, the transporter is not only energy neutral but also more efficient and a larger number of transports per day is possible.

Brussels Airport introduced the “Airside Pharma Transporter” last year at Brucargo essentially for the transport of pharmaceutical products which requires the products are maintained at a certain temperature so that the drug quality does not undergo any change.

The “Airside Pharma Transporter” is a trailer on which a refrigerated unit with insulated walls is mounted. What is really innovative is the technology that allows the temperature and location of the refrigerated transporter to be monitored in real time. Since the introduction of the “Airside Pharma Transporter” at the end of last year, the system has been further refined. The transporter can keep the contents of the refrigerated unit at the required temperature for a long time, thanks to the innovative insulation and cooling system. Even when the transporter is on the tarmac in the burning sun.

“The pharmaceutical branch is one of the most important sectors in our country and has a large added value for our economy. It is therefore essential that we offer the required customised service when they export their products. We innovated earlier with IATA by developing the CEIV guarantee certificate for the cold chain; our airport was also the first to achieve this worldwide standard. With the new ‘Airside Pharma Transporter’ we have developed an efficient product that, thanks to the solar panels, is also extremely environmentally friendly”, says Arnaud Feist, CEO of Brussels Airport Company.

The most visible innovation is the installation of solar panels on the appliance, which allows the refrigerated unit in the transporter to operate autonomously for several days without requiring electricity or any other form of energy. The refrigerated unit also reaches the required temperature much faster and this means that the unit can be used several times a day and the shippers of pharmaceutical products can work more efficiently. Nor is it necessary to bring the refrigerated unit down to temperature far in advance.

This innovative system of transport has been so successful that other airports are now showing interest in this.

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