Bravo Industries acquires 10 LM-100J commercial freighters from Lockheed Martin

Bravo Industries acquires 10 LM-100J commercial freighters from Lockheed Martin

Posted By : STAT Times 13-07-2016 00:00:00

July 13, 2016: Bravo Industries, LLC, announced that it will purchase 10 LM-100J Super Hercules commercial freighter aircraft from Lockheed Martin.

Bravo is a logistics and defense group with operations in and focused on Brazil. Bravo’s Logística division, which consists of Bravo Cargas and Bravo MRO (maintenance, repair and overhaul), will operate the LM-100J for air cargo operations in Brazil.

“When we examined the market and regional demands for our logistics operations, there was only one aircraft that could do all the jobs we needed it to do to serve our customers: the LM-100J.” said JR Pereira, president and CEO of Bravo Industries. “The LM-100J is uniquely suited to reach Brazil’s underserved regions where we do business. These are areas that lack ground support and certain critical infrastructure required by other commercial freighters. The LM-100J was designed to meet the varying needs of the Brazilian landscape, in turn, allowing Bravo to deliver vital goods and services where they are needed most.”

Bravo’s air cargo services include scheduled and route-specific solutions (same-day, next-day, etc.), as well as special cargo handling (heavy, odd-shaped, hazardous, refrigerated, etc.) and custom operations. “Bravo Industries is a natural and welcome addition to the global Super Hercules family,” said Orlando Carvalho, executive vice president, Lockheed Martin Aeronautics. “Like the C-130J on which it is based, the LM-100J is built to go where other aircraft can’t, don’t and won’t. The LM-100J is the only commercial freighter that can fully meet the varying demands of the Brazilian market. Bravo is the ideal operator to introduce the LM-100J’s unmatched capabilities in this pivotal region of the world.”

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