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Air Cargo Africa 2015
Air Cargo Africa 2015 is the mega event set for 25-27 February at Casino Convention resort, Emperors palace in City of Ekurhuleni engaging the world air cargo community to strengthen networking corridors with the African Continent. In its past two editions held in Nairobi and Johannesburg, the show has seen major participation from world players so also key players from the African airfreight community.

Welcoming the event to its home turf, South African Airways sets the tone for a promising global rendezvous that has already been receiving a captivating response from renowned cargo operators. Africa is at the apex for being increasing known as an emerging market and many that have been in the business for years have recognized this event as a platform for effective networking, turning this market into an exciting and absorbing frontier for new opportunities.

Air Cargo Africa 2013 gathered a record number of 77 International Exhibiting Companies, 413 global industry decision makers as registered delegates and brought in an impressive number of 2865 trade visitors from across 27 African countries and 24 countries from other continents to explore business prospects. The event garnered great support from the City of Ekurhuleni, which is home to the busiest airport in Africa, O.R. Tambo International airport which is envisioned to be built into an aerotropolis that will define the future of aviation for Africa. Member of Mayoral Committee for Public Transport, Planning and Provision, Clr. Thumbu Mahlangu of Ekurhuleni Metropolitan Municipality inaugurated the event.

About Air Cargo Africa 2013






About the financial revolution, planes peaking, how airfreight is boosting economies around Africa, all that and more…
Is African Airfreight really taking off…?

2.2 billion Passengers a year, but for many airlines it’s what is carried beneath those passengers that generates a large part of their revenue. In fact the total value of goods transported by air is over 35% of all international trade – meaning that goods shipped by air are very high value commodities, often times perishable or time-sensitive.
African airfreight is really taking off and given the current sluggish global recovery it does mean this an industry that must adapt, move fast and take advantage of the fast growing markets like Africa and that’s why we bring to you, in City of Ekhuruleni a one of its kind on the African Continent!

‘Air Cargo Africa 2015’!
Is the world ready to take on a massive share of African market …?

It’s no surprise that the world will gather here with an insatiable appetite for this Continent’s untapped natural resources - its vast supplies of minerals and of course the ever increasing demand for consumer goods. Airlines and freight companies know all too well that the potential in Africa is underutilized in fact these companies, now see Africa as a new pasture.

Is Africa’s airfreight market development a realistic goal yet…?

A Continent which is about 20 % of the surface area in the world and holds 15% of the total global population is certain to attract a great interest. It is under developed, now developing so the opportunities here are phenomenal.
The world economy has taken on a lot of beating but if you look at the Continent as a whole it hasn’t taken that kind of beating because it is actually coming up with leapfrogging technology and infrastructure development.
When we look at Africa as a Continent, all want a slice of it but many will say let’s not kid ourselves, there are awful challenges in doing business in Africa.
Nevertheless, over the last 10 years or so there has been significant progress, although slow but yes there has been progress. A lot of challenges not only in terms of transportation but health issues, water issues and so forth, so it is trying to really pan out and see the challenges.

Air Cargo Africa 2013
Air Cargo Africa 2013
Air Cargo Africa 2013
3rd Biennial International Conference & Expo
AIR CARGO AFRICA 2015 Conference

Wednesday, 25 February 2015 to Friday, 27 February 2015

Conference Timings:

  • Day 1- Business Sessions
        25th February 2015, 11.00 hrs to 13.00 hrs

  • Day 2-Business Sessions
         26th February 2015, 10.00 hrs to 13.30 hrs

  • Day 3- Business Sessions
         27th February 2015, 10.30 hrs to 12.30 hrs
  • Venue:
    Centre Court, Hotel Casino Convention Resort at Emperors Palace, The City of Ekurhuleni

    “Meet the world’s high profile speakers”

    International Air Cargo Summit in City of Ekhuruleni, SA

    Nico Bezuidenhout
    Nico Bezuidenhout
    Acting CEO,

    South African Airways

    Fitsum Abady
    Fitsum Abady
    Managing Director,

    Ethiopian Cargo Services

    Glyn Hughes
    Global Head of Cargo,

    International Air Transport Association (IATA)

    Peter Scholten

    Fast Logistic Solutions Group,

    Ulrich Ogiermann
    Chief Officer Cargo,

    Qatar Airways

    Oliver Evans
    Chief Cargo Officer,

    Swiss International Air Lines

    Russi Batliwala
    Shahe Ouzounian
    Chief Operating Officer,

    Chapman Freeborn Airchartering

    Justin Lancaster
    Group Commercial Director,

    Air Charter Service (ACS)

    Amine EL FARISSI
    Amine EL Farissi
    CEO of Atlas Cargo Lines,

    The Royal Air Maroc Cargo Subsidiary

    Colin David Baldwin
    Colin David Baldwin
    Senior Vice President, Africa,

    Swissport Cargo Services

    Tleli Makhetha
    General Manager,

    SAA Cargo

    Hermann Zunker
    Director, Africa

    Lufthansa Cargo AG

    David Shepherd
    David Shepherd
    Global Head of Commercial

    IAG Cargo

    Barry D Nassberg
    Barry D Nassberg
    Group Chief Operating Officer ,

    Worldwide Flight Services

    Sanjeev Gadhia
    Sanjeev Gadhia
    Founder & CEO ,

    Astral Aviation Ltd

    Saxen Van Coller
    Chief Executive Officer,

    Dube TradePort Corporation

    Soomi Ro
    Chief of Logistics & Transportation

    United Nations

    Dick Murianki
    Dick Murianki
    General Manager Cargo

    Kenya Airways Cargo

    Duncan Watson
    Duncan Watson
    VP, Cargo Commercial Operations,

    Emirates Airline

    Duncan Watson
    Ivin George
    Vice President

    DHL Global Forwarding

    Markus Muecke
    Global Head Air Freight Tradelane Management and Procurement


    Nils Pries Knudsen
    Head of Global Cargo

    Swissport International Ltd

    Bongiwe Pityi
    Bongiwe Pityi
    General Manager

    O.R. Tambo International Airport

    Dokisime Gnama Latta
    Dokisime Gnama Latta
    Director General

    National Civil Aviation Administration, Togo

    Ganesh Vaideeswaran
    Managing Director, Product Management

    Accenture Freight & Logistics Software, Accenture

    Tom Crabtree
    Tom Crabtree
    Regional Director – Airline Market Analysis
    Marketing & Business Development

    Boeing Commercial Airplanes

    Tom Crabtree
    Jacob Matthew
    President Of Middle East & Pacific Rim

    National Air Cargo

    Tom Crabtree
    Manoj Singh
    VP & Head – Cargo

    Mumbai International Airport

    Des Vertannes
    Des Vertannes
    Former Global Head of Cargo,


    Martin Drew
    Martin Drew
    Vice President-Cargo,

    Jet Airways (India)

    David Yokeum
    David Yokeum
    President & Founder,

    World Cargo Alliance (WCA)

    STAT Times

    Awarding Excellence in Air Cargo

    The STAT Trade Times, popularly known as STAT TIMES has striven to promote excellence in the air cargo industry; it has consistently publicized excellence through its columns. Consistent with its policy of promoting excellence in this field, STAT TIMES has instituted STAT TIMES INTERNATIONAL AWARD FOR EXCELLENCE IN AIR CARGO. The Award will be presented in a glittering Gala Award Nite function in the following eleven categories on 26th February, 2015 at the Barnyard Theatre, Rivonia. The Award function is organized in connection with the 3rd international biennial event, ‘AIR CARGO AFRICA 2015 scheduled from 25-27, February, 2015 at Emperors Palace, Hotel Casino Convention Resort.

    Thank you for your overwhelming response. Your participation helps encourage excellence in the Air Freight Industry.


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