AIR CARGO AFRICA 2013 - Plethora of Opportunities
Africa, the world's second-largest continent, renowned for its thriving wildlife, cultural heritage and abundant reserves of resources, has plenty of untapped investment opportunities. The continent is hence being hailed as the ‘New Frontier’.

Over the past few decades, Africa has been receiving an increased interest from world players for its rich reserves. Thus, raising the standard of living of the people in Africa and hence a higher purchasing power. This bodes well for Air Cargo industry to thrive.

Asia and Africa trade is also of great significance. China’s trade with Africa of $116bn is double of that between India and Africa presently, which stands at about $51bn. While investments by Indian private sector stand at around $5.5 billion, investments in development projects in Africa are said to be around $500 million in the next 5 years. There is also a steep increase in Chinese investments which is largely driven by expansion in China-Africa trade and the search for new energy sources. Chinese investments in Africa stand at around $60 billion.

The past two to three years has witnessed a significant boost in air cargo traffic between Asia and Africa due to investment in African infrastructure. At the same time, global demand for Africa’s oil/gas resources, minerals, and other commodities has soared, generating more wealth in various parts of the African continent. The result has been an increase in African consumer spending on imported goods from Asian countries.

Air cargo from Asia to Africa has seen double-digit growth in recent years. The growth of exports from Asia towards Africa has been a reality for the past few years. Carriers remain confident that air cargo from Asia to Africa will continue to offer good prospects in the long-term, especially if the recent improved political stability seen in many African countries continues. Chinese investment in parts of Africa has also generated more project-type air cargo such as telecoms equipment. Demand for air cargo capacity between China and Africa has also provided opportunities for some carriers in the Middle East to exploit their geographical location and win transshipment traffic in the market. A number of major European carriers have also secured a share of the Asia-Africa air cargo market. Rich in natural resources, Africa is emerging as the new destination for investment by the Air Cargo industry.

Air Cargo Africa 2013 is the second edition to take place for the first time in Johannesburg, South Africa from 20th to 22nd February 2013.

The Event is organized by The STAT Trade Times, popularly known as STAT TIMES (, an Integrated International Transport Media specializing in Air Cargo since 1986.

STAT Times has successfully organized 4 editions of Air Cargo India event which received tremendous response from air cargo industry and opened ways for effective business networking..

The event is conceptualised to tap opportunities in the African market. All eyes within the trade industry are fixed on Africa which is emerging to be the most preferred trade market and offers oodles of growth opportunity.

The exhibitons at the event will enable the air cargo industry players from world over to showcase their products and services to attract prospective partners, thereby enhance trade relations.

The Conference will enable all the players in the air cargo industry to come together and discuss on issues concerning the Air cargo fraternity, and carve out solutions.

Book Now to become a prospective player in the highly productive deliberations, showcase your Air Cargo products & services and join in the social gatherings for highly effective networking.

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