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STAT Times International Award for Excellence in Air Cargo

We thank you for participation in large numbers in the online voting process to select your choice for the best in various categories of the airfreight industry.It is your wholehearted support that encourages excellence in the airfreight industry.

We have collated the response so received and shortlisted the candidates in each category for you to vote for your choice for the best in each category.

Your response should reach us on or before 25th January.

The votes thus received will be screened, counted and audited and the winners will be intimated individually.

The winners will be honoured during the Gala Award Nite on February 21, 2018, the second day of Air Cargo India.

For details on the Gala Award Nite, please await details in our site

We invite you to participate in this exercise to promote excellence in the air cargo industry

Your active participation will boost excellence in the industry.

For further information please contact,
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Marketing Manager,
The STAT Trade Times,
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Sector 11, Central Business District,
New Mumbai.400 614

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Be a part of this event and reap the full benefits of the immense opportunities in the Air Cargo industry